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Dir en grey

this is my version of Dir en grey personel, inspired by Jessica single cd cover, forgive me if the characteristic of their personallity don't fit
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As a person who started to listen to Dir En Grey, I really love this pic. Edit: Oh, I especially love how you drew Kyo.
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haha cool, thanks so what's your fave song / album so far?
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Favorite song would have to be Ain't Afraid to Die. Favorite album: Uroboros.
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haha, nice be sure to check ARCHE :)
sakuraboy91's avatar
Will be sure to do that, thanks.
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freaking beast!
fuck yeah, DIR EN GREY!
spikeymikey0196's avatar
I FREAKING LOVE IT!! Its as great as the band itself :3
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actually it's really good!! I love Kyo. (cute lil kawaii kyo) *is shot*
Not to criticize the only thing I think is (in my opinion) Die's face fits Kaoru's personality more, and Kaoru's face fits Die. Die's the easy going one, though mischievous, and Kaoru is the difficult leader-sama.

But this............OMG. SHINYA = :love:
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lolololol this is amazing! XD
Fragrancy's avatar
Muahahaha, this pic is epic :DDDD
I like Kyous and Shinyas face :D
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I just ADORE how you made Shinya, on this...(He's my fave <3 with Die *3*)

And omfg Kaoru is hoooot!!! Nice, no...VERY nice job! And lol Kyo makes me think of a devil-looking Sora XDD I even thought he had a keyblade somehow O_O

Ahhh, Shinya, Die, Kaoru...Well, they're ALL great :P once more, nice job!
letrosesburn's avatar
lol devil looking Sora, That's classic!!
LOL Kyo is perfect! That grin! XD
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RadioactiveLadybird's avatar
Shinya is cuuute *-* :+fav:
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i love how short kyo is! lol.
Tenshi112's avatar
Kyo here is... definetely... the best! XD I so want those pants and this mike _A_
AkiraDS7403's avatar
This Is Epic, I love this picture.
xXLizzieTheMightyXx's avatar
It looks awesome!!!
i like how you made Kyo and Toshiya!!
yaminoko13's avatar
This is...just...too....
SEXY!!! xD I kinda miss when they were like that but hey, they're Dir En Grey, they can have any style and everyone will still love them~~
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I agree. I love the music for the music and the talent for the talent. I may not care for every outfit they wear, but that doesn't make them any less sexy or great musicians.
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