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SO I redid my website & resume, Check it out!

I only tried to put the best of the best stuff on there... I hope you like!
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I have a friend & old coworker who is in the works of creating a fantastic portfolio tool for us graphics monkeys...  

Check out their link on Kickstarter & if you're interested,  toss a few pennies in the jar!  This team is super-quick at developing, and... they're married!  So it is LITERALLY   a 24/7 endeavor.…

I love DA, but haven't been too happy with their portfolio section... and am reluctant to send the regular DA  page since it's too easy for a prospective client to trail off to other artists....

I cannot WAIT  for this :katana:
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:iconpolarkeet: Polarkeet's Annual Shark Week Drawin' Jam is officially ON.

Everyone's to draw a shark a day for 7 days...  
Here's mine:

Here's mine:

Be sure to give props where they are due!
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My good friend who's a great photographer has a new business he's trying to get off the ground...  But with the responsibilities of fatherhood and the day to day tasks of making ends meet he'd asked me to help him out.  

So if you need anyone to photograph your next huge wedding, party, or anything - Check out what FOTOBYME ( ) can do for you!


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My Writing partner and I created a show that is soon gonna be put to the test.

The Lil' Rel Show!

It's getting picked up and peoduction will hopefully start soon.

Check it out here!
No choice but to get it on...

I don't write too much in this journal section but i'll keep it brief.  I just wanted to say that I'm really excited to retouch & color tone of my old drawings s well as making new ones... & I have the people I watch to thank...

These folks have risen my own competancy bar & I can only hope to keep improving.

Thanks to the few who've commented on my stuff.. & the many more who favorited it.  


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