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Two vintage textures

Click Download to get *.zip file with 2 vintage textures inside!
Please note or comment if you use! :)

*You may use my textures for whatever you like, credit is not required but greatly appreciated, let other people use it too.


PS. Takie coś było pod tapetą w pokoju nie remontowanym od lat 80-tych :D
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Awesome! I'll be sharing links to you and your resources on my blog and other social media in my sections for epic photoshop resources, even if I don't end up ever using them. I appreciate your simple and easy terms and what it allows me to be able to do, which is put it in my "arsenal" of stuff to play with, which is a large folder full of stuff that is usually near impossible to find the original owners of (mostly due to read me files not being present, or read me files not mentioning what file they came with, etc etc. Plus I never know if I will want to use something a little in a future project that I may end up selling stuff on cafepress or DA with....and everyone here seems to want EVERYTHING in return for their resources or stock. I just can't see the justification of crediting someone for using a very very small thing in a much larger thing, that is almost unnoticable, and I refuse to just use it anyways and not credit, because I want to still respect their wishes.). Because of that, I'm usually just unable to use 95% of the stuff on DA, but there are still awesome people like you here and I make it a point to get your name and work out there in every way I can, as well as saving it in my DA "favorite resources" folder, and eventually when my website is finished, I'll be compiling awesome lists of types of resources which will include all of which I've had the pleasure to find or use myself. As for now, I will post this to my Tumblr for awesome free resources called Spork Plug @, as well as my normal Tumblr, my Springpad Photoshop notebook, my facebook and my twitter, as well as Pinning it on pinterest! I hope that will be enough! :D
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Thank you so much, LUV!!
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Thank you so much for sharing these textures! I love to use textures on my photographs. I think it really adds to some wedding photographs that I took. Thanks!
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Hope it will be useful for you :) Enjoy!
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These both are splendid! Thanks so much for creating them and the usage rights!
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My pleasure :)
Hope they will be useful ;)
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Fajne odkrycie :D Fajne teksturki Ci z tego wyszły :D
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czadowy pomysł.
jesteś super.
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uwielbiam takie wzorki na ścianach! i moja ściana też takie ma :D
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u jea! Właśnie skomentowałam :D
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