Oak Brooke's First Annual Dressage Show - CLOSED

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By Elantair

Oak Brooke’s First Annual Dressage Show



Running: Now - 16th May 2014

Event Type: Dressage

Class/Classes: Beginner, Intermediate and Grand Prix Dressage, Au Natural, PDD, Fancy dress and In-hand dressage

Restrictions: None

This show is sanctioned by:


 Upon 15 entries in the show we can be classed as an elite show

(will try and get h-i-e-f as well, along with any others you may like)

Rules and Guidelines

1. Participants may enter 3 horses per class at the maximum
2. All Classes, if not specified, require traditional dressage attire (black jacket, black boots, white jodhpurs,white shirt, top hat or black hat)
3. Extra images are not mandatory but always lovely to see
4. Respect each other
5. Indoor arena looks like this: cashelanestud.com/page1/files/… and the dressage fence looks like this image.shutterstock.com/display… but with purple and white flowers 
6. Realistic and fantasy Breeds allowed, powers may be used but will not gain any advantage
7. Points will be deducted for not following class rules
8. Horse name, Rider name and stable name along with links to any extras must be included in the description of your entry picture
9. Horses must be over 3 for classes 1, 5, 6 and 7 and over 5 for the rest.
10. Previous experience required for the show must be linked in the entry's description
11. The weather during the show is sunny with showers, you can see the scenery from my stable map

<da:thumb id="405931073"/>


Class One - Beginner Dressage

-Horse do not need any prior dressage experience
-No double bridles or spurs
-Polo wraps permitted
-Walk and trot test, minimal extension of gait, no collection

Class Two - Intermediate Dressage

-Horses must have participated in at least 1 dressage class or have 2 dressage training pictures
-Double Bridles Permitted, no spurs
-No Polo Wraps
-Walk, trot, canter with extensions and collections of each gait along with leg yielding, half pass, shoulder in and shoulder out

Class Three - Grand Prix Dressage

- Horses must have participated in at least 3 dressage classes and placed 4th or above in at least one or have placed 1st in a dressage class and 3 dressage training pictures
-Double Bridles and spurs permitted
-No Polo Wraps
-All moves up to Olympic Level permitted

Class Four - Au Natural 

-No saddles or bridles permitted,although neck ropes are permitted for safety reasons
-Rider may wear casual attire but must wear a safety hat (not a top hat)
-Walk, Trot, Canter an minimal extensions and collections allowed
- No Spurs

Class Five - Fancy dress

-Theme: "Once Upon a Time" Classic Children's stories
-The story your entry originates from must be listed in your entry's description
-Simple Walk, Trot test so beginner horses may enter
-Both horse and rider may be dressed up!

Class Six - Pas de Deux

-Double Bridles and Spurs allowed
-Any level of test may be performed, right up to Olympic level
-No prior dressage experience permitted
-Tack and rider attire may be informal (ie coloured tack and fancy dress)
-Collaborations encouraged

Class Seven - In-hand Dressage

-Horse and handler to perform a walk and trot test like this: www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CJtoc…
-Rider can either dress formally or casually, this is judged in your communication with the horse and their movement
-Double bridles permitted, double reins encouraged for more advanced moves
- No polo Wraps


Grand Champion

-Fullbody Shaded of Winning horse with Sash by Elantair
-Breeding to #658 Meteorite (Nordanner) from Krispz
-250:points: (may be increased) from Elantair

Reserve Champion

-Fullbody Shaded of Winning horse with Sash by Elantair
-150:points: (may be increased) from Elantair

1st Place in each Class

-Fullbody flatcoloured of winning horses by Elantair
-Fullbody of winning horses by Luseal320
-1st Place Ribbon
-100:points: (may be increased) from Elantair

2nd Place in each Class

-Headshot, shaded of winning horses by Elantair
-Headshot of Winning Horses by Luseal320
-50:points: (may be increased) from Elantair
-2nd Place Ribbon

3rd Place in each Class

-Headshot, flat coloured, of winning horses by Elantair
-25:points: from Elantair
-3rd Place Ribbon

All Participants

-Participation Ribbon

Prize donations greatly appreciated!

Enjoy! Any questions, just ask!

© 2014 - 2021 Elantair
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xxElanite's avatar
"-No prior dressage experience permitted"
what does this mean in pas de deux? like the horses may not enter any other classes?
Elantair's avatar
Damn I worded that wrong it's meant to be 'no prior dressage experience required' 
sorry about that! ^^; Surprised nobody pointed it out before now to be honest!
xxElanite's avatar
ahhh i thought so too xD wanted to ask though! me and bekky will hopefully have a collab up tomorrow!
just curious, are pas de deux prizes split between the two if its a collab? >.>
Elantair's avatar
Yay :D
Ehm well on the prizes front it depends how many points I can get. If I have some extra then the winners will get the prize money each, if not it'll be halved. For the art (from me anyway) I'll include both horses in it. You'll have to speak to the other contributors as and when though :)
xxElanite's avatar
okay then, thanks :) if we manage to find time it will be an awesome entry! xD
W-R-E-C's avatar
Here are my show entries:

Class one: fav.me/d7if34h fav.me/d7if0qr
Class two: fav.me/d7if0r1
Class three: fav.me/d7iee7p
Class Seven: fav.me/d7ieds3
Spotty001's avatar
Thanks ^^

Here's another 2 - 

Class 1: spotty001.deviantart.com/art/K…

Class: 2 spotty001.deviantart.com/art/S…

I have 2 more on the way, but if the show closes before I get a chance to submit them, it's not a big deal :)

Elantair's avatar
You can have until 4pm BST on Saturday if you need it but that's the latest :)
Spotty001's avatar
Nope, last one will be done by today :)
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