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A scene from the latest chapter of Less Wrong's Harry Potter fanfiction, Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality [link] .

1st year Hermione is protesting the right for girls to be heroes in front of Dumbledore's office when he comes out to talk. The mental image was strong, and I decided to paint it before it faded. I've been meaning to draw fanart for this fic for a while, but never quite got around to it.

It felt good to draw something simple and for my own enjoyment; I haven't done that in way too long - I guess I've been trying too hard to go out of my comfort zone, "broaden my horizons" and all that shit, and it was bogging me down because invariably what I'm not comfortable drawing will look like shit. I'm good at drawing people; I should stop trying so hard to draw convoluted backgrounds, I'm a shitty scenery artist and the results will only depress me.

It doesn't help that I've been drawing comic pages like crazy since december, trying to keep up a twice-weekly update schedule for two different webcomics with a readership of roughly 5 people each.

...this is turning into a journal entry, so I'm just going to stop yappering right here.
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Awww that's cute!!
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I love her expression. It really shows the scene.
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I absolutely love the Hermione in this fic. And Harry is...yeah.

Like the detail you put into Dumbledore's wrinkles. And Hermione's expression is priceless.
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Yeah, Harry is just really hard to classify. I guess it's better to wait until the story is finished, and THEN take a good look at him.

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Dumbledore looks a bit too wise compared to his depiction in MoR, and Hermione just looks... off, somehow.

Still, great work. :)
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Really? I always pictured him in MoR as particularly wise (even though his wackyness levels rose as well). But in that scene he seemed to be both serious and a bit sad for Mione, or at least that was the mental image I had of him at the moment.

Thank you!
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Hermione with her picket sign is adorable and awesome.
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Love Dumbledore's colourful robes :)
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her expression is brilliant
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Paula Vieira, if you please :D

(I thought I'd written it in the e-mail, sorry...)
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It looks so nice! I love Hermione's facial expression!

As for the "broaden your horizons" thing, I think you really should take some time and draw what comes to mind, it can even be a stress relief.
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