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:iconhelenarothstock: HelenaRothStock is the home of Helena. Shes based in the UK and has a strange habit of photographing shiny things for our pleasure!  As a continuation of our Project Educate Stock & Resources week we sent her our short list of questions to answer.

What were your first artistic influences, and did they have a hand in the development of your resources?

Ah, this one i remember. In college, for my photography A-Level I was researching digital artists and came across Mika (Mary) Borsiss in a photography journal. She did wonderful fantasy manipulations, so I emailed her (not expecting a response) and a lovelier person you couldn't ask for. She explained all about how she creates her art. After that I was hooked on digital.  4 years later I went over to the resources provider dark side because of the frustration of not being able to find certain stock.

:thumb289820790: :thumb178869559:

Whats one of the most rewarding aspects for you as a resource provider?

When someone notes me and says "It's just what i needed" or my stocks given them ideas.

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Whats the one thing you find the most frustrating about being a resource provider?

Finding the right items. I go around antique fairs, flea markets, charity shops, attics...and ebay. Sometimes things jump out at me, other times I can be trawling for weeks in all of the above and not find a thing. I've been told I'm very irritating when this happens :ashamed:

:thumb201061953: :thumb160384020:

Do you have a favourite resource in your gallery, can you tell us why its a favourite?

My insect collection, definitely. Natural beauty appeals to me, but, as I'm highly allergic to animals, insects are the only ones i can handle to photograph. Absolutely no spiders though, i don't do spiders :fear:

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Your stock gets used for a huge variety of artwork, do you have any favourites?

Not a specific favourite, I love them all, seeing what people create is brilliant. What I really love is when people create something so unusual I'd never have thought of it in a million squillion years.

Messin' with the Clock of Fate by InnerCreepers cyborg girl by bobstrong
Scrutinizer 1 by Bark

Mature Content

Humanity by FollowinTheBlackBird

Last but not least, what flavour cupcake are you?

Caraway seed cupcake :drool: :evillaugh:

Don't forget to check out all of Helena's stock in her gallery!

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This is a wonderful idea to feature Helena Roth, her stock is really amazing :heart: and I love this interview :clap:
So it's a great honor that a work of mine is shown in this interview :hug:, thank you very much for this :heart: