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:iconaustriaangloalliance: AustriaAngloAlliance is the brainchild of stock producers Burtn - Bernhard & EveLivesey - Eve  Making this one exciting stock account to have on your watch list! To continue our Project Educate Stock & Resources week we sent them our list of questions.

What were your first artistic influences, and did they have a hand in the development of your resources?

Bernhard - It was the love for Mother Nature my parents taught me since I was a little child. With an old Olympus OM2 I got the tool to capture it, maybe 20 years ago.

Eve - My Dad and my husband - both great photographers - my husband lent me his brand new camera on a trip to the Rockies in May 2006 so I could 'have a go' at taking some photos.

:thumb290310513: :thumb290085262:

Whats one of the most rewarding aspects for you as a resource provider?

Bernhard - My pictures were not made as stock-images, they are my favourite photos and the best I can do. As I´m using DA to save my dearest pictures online I´m giving back something to DA by providing them as stock. The most rewarding aspect is when young talented artist are able to reach a higher level of their art by using high quality stock without the need to pay for it.

Eve - The beautiful art that's produced.

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Whats the one thing you find the most frustrating about being a resource provider?

Bernhard - Never found frustration on DA yet!

Eve - People stealing and then selling the stock when it's supposed to be provided free for anyone to use.

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Do you have a favourite resource in your gallery, can you tell us why its a favourite?

Bernhard - I don´t have a favourite picture. All my pictures are taken in the surrounding area of my home town Salzburg and represent my love for this country.

Eve - My photo of Bodiam Castle that received a DD - because it's been used so many times and every piece of art is different - so fascinating.

:thumb286393703: :thumb285175410:

Your stock gets used for a huge variety of artwork, do you have any favourites?

Bernhard - I love fantasy-artwork of any kind.

Eve - I can truthfully say that I appreciate it all - from beginner pieces to advanced artwork.

Last but not least, what flavour cupcake are you?

Bernhard - Well, I'm calm, funny and a little crazy(..but who isn't?) 

Eve - Banana :)

Don't forget to check out all of Eve and Bernhard's stock in their gallery!

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This was a wonderful interview. :heart: I find so much inspiration in their photos.

And many thanks for featuring my piece.