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:iconadorkastock: AdorkaStock Is where we all go for our fix of leotard-wearing, extreme pose making, sailor moon crazy stock providers! As part of our Stock & Resources Project Educate week, we located Sarah amidst her collection of leotards and made her answer our questions.

What were your first artistic influences, and did they have a hand in the development of your resources?

My first artistic influence for stock art were the girls from Lisajen-stock  Their account was pretty much my go-to place to look for pose reference when I first learned about stock on DeviantART because they sometimes wore outfits that showed the arms and legs really clearly. Their stock was the best I could find for pose reference and even though it was helpful, I started to get really eager and antsy to find references that had less clothing on. I turned to nude stock for a while (I think mjranum-stock showed up around then and that was also awesome), but I decided it would just be easier to take pictures of myself. :P

Whats one of the most rewarding aspects for you as a resource provider?

By far the most rewarding thing is hearing things from artists like, "This picture SAVED MY LIFE!" and that sort of thing. :giggle: I know what it's like to be looking for that perfect reference for what you want and then to finally find it. I also love to hear about artists who have come out of a drawing funk because of an idea they got from browsing the stock. Mostly just hearing about how much it has helped people really keeps me going.

Another rewarding thing (and this is kind of selfish ;P) is that I think more and more stock providers are thinking seriously about pose reference stock now. It seems like people have really caught on about how useful this stuff it and I see more artists taking up the cause to provide this kind of resource, wonderful people like RobynRose, ImperialStarletStock and CuriousPeaches come to mind. It's awesome for me because now I have more poses to draw from for my own art! ;D

Whats the one thing you find the most frustrating about being a resource provider?

A while back I relaxed all my rules and made the stock creative commons just to ease my feelings of having to stalk every person down to make sure they were following whatever rules I had before. Creative Commons is something most people online seem to get so it's a lot easier this way and has made for a lot less frustration for me.

Now the only thing that is "frustrating" (and it's really not that bad) is just keeping up with the messages. I am on deviantART a lot so that helps, but if I go away for a few days or something I ask friends to manage the account for me while I'm gone. I used to comment on every image that used my stock and visit people's galleries who watched me, but now with the volume of comments and messages I get, I've found that I have to cut back a lot on my personal interaction with some of the artists just due to time.

I still reply to all notes and personal comments/questions that people leave and I will leave comments and feature art that really impresses me for one reason or another. I hope I can keep doing that as the stock gets more and more use.

Collab Stock: Girls Divine by AdorkaStock :thumb134339966:

Do you have a favourite resource in your gallery, can you tell us why its a favourite?

I have a whole folder of favorites! :la: If you make me pick one I guess I will have to go with Sailor Moon 1 because Sailormoon is my favorite and the reason I started making my own stock was so that I could have more poses with which to draw Sailormoon characters. ^___^

Sailor Moon 1
Sailor Moon 1 by AdorkaStock

Your stock gets used for a huge variety of artwork, do you have any favourites?

Wow there are so many! I've recently started going through my favorites and making a new folder called "All Time Favorite Uses of My Stock." I still have about 60 pages of favs to go through to fill it, but pulling from that I really love...

I was born free by Bostanella

Mature Content

prey for them by relaxeder

:thumb136552505: :thumb136134755: Liebe geht durch den Magen by urvogelarchaeopteryx

Last but not least, what flavour cupcake are you?

Chocolate with purple frosting and little shiny, purple star shaped sprinkles with a gold sugar moon on top and probably some melty chocolate in the middle. :drool:

Sailor Sakky Back Atcha by AdorkaStock
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Oh she just doest the best poses :la: