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Miscats are as bad for your stock as missing keywords.  They cause problems in the categories you are wrongly submitting to, make our galleries look disorganised and messy, and ultimately inhibit the exposure of your hard work to other artists.

Miscats are one of the most frequently complained about issues on DA.

Common Miscats

There are several varieties we see regularly that include
    :bulletred: Placing 3 quarter/cropped or portrait model stock into the full body category. :bulletred: Placing Interior shots into the Exterior category. :bulletred: Placing 3D renders and premade stock into the stock photography interior/exterior categories rather than into their own equivalents. :bulletred: Placing 3D renders into 3D models - which should be reserved for the physical model files, not renders of the model. :bulletred: Placing landscapes or scenery shots into the Places category which should be reserved for images that show man made objects. (Nature should be free of man made objects and that's how you tell the difference ;) ) :bulletred: Placing close up shots of tombstones or other outdoor elements such as statues into the Places/Exterior category when they should be submitted to the Objects/Statues & Monuments category. (The rule of thumb - is there space around the object that makes the image about the "place" or just the "object" ) :bulletred: Placing model images of people under the age of 16 into the main model categories rather than in the "child" categories. (If you are still a minor your stock should be in the child section) :bulletred: Placing textures into the premade category rather than into the main textures gallery.

The list goes on, but these are what we see on a daily basis.  Many of these are down to incorrect use of "frequently used" lists in the submission process, or simple laziness.  If you don't care which category you are placing your stock into - don't bother sharing stock in the first place, because you are making your work, effort and time spent submitting - completely pointless.

Why You Should Avoid the TOP LEVEL Miscellaneous Galleries

The Miscellaneous galleries, (which we currently have 16 versions of!!!) are NOT there for you to dump all your stock into because you can't be bothered drilling down into the right sub category.

:bulletred: They should be the absolute LAST RESORT to be used ONLY IF you can't find any other category where your stock fits, and considering just how MANY sub categories/galleries we have for you to place your stock into these occurrences should be few and far between!!

:bulletred: By placing your work into the TOP LEVEL miscellaneous galleries (which we are hoping to get closed soon because of this very reason)  you are doing yourself a disservice.  Artists do not bother searching the main misc galleries -  lets be honest, they are filled with copyright infringements, images that are not stock, and work that is not acceptable quality for stock, placed there by deviants who simply don't understand what stock is, or what they can and can't submit as a resource.

:bulletred: Why on earth would you want your hard work and effort associated with that???

:bulletgreen: By drilling down into the sub categories you are exponentially increasing your stocks exposure.  Artists searching for stock images, or tutorials, or textures, or brushes KNOW WHAT THEY WANT AND WHERE TO FIND THEM!  They WON'T waste their own time looking in top level galleries unless they have a lot of time to browse!

:bulletgreen: So you've drilled right the way down into the sub sub sub categories and still your resource doesn't fit... only NOW should you place your resource into the most local misc category, for example object stock/misc - WHY?  Because your stock is STILL CATEGORISED IN OBJECTS!  By drilling down and placing your resource into a a misc gallery that is NESTED inside a larger gallery you are still broadening your exposure!  Simples!

Preventing Miscats

Starts with you!

:bulletgreen: Take CARE when you submit your stock and resources

:bulletgreen:  LEARN what the sub categories are and what kinds of resources you should be submitting to them

:bulletgreen:  Take PRIDE in the galleries where you submit your hard work! They are after all an extension of your own gallery, and a showcase for your work!

:bulletgreen:  REPORT miscats when you find them! We know this is a pain, but things will never change unless there is a CLEAR need for change!! The best way to highlight this problem is to report them!

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"Placing model images of people under the age of 16 into the main model categories rather than in the "child" categories. (If you are still a minor your stock should be in the child section)"
I just wanted to point out something about this, when I go to the child sections I'm usually looking for under 10 or so, and I think in a lot of cases stock of teenagers could go into the main categories. Unless they look young or something, "child" to me means under 10 or 11 years old.