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"On Delicate Wings"

Mourning for Icarus by H.J. Draper 1898

The Theme- ART:

We want you to recreate the story of Icarus, be that modern, or ancient using stock and resources available on DeviantART.

The Theme - STOCK:

We want you to recreate the story of Icarus, in stock form!  Is your Icarus male or female?  Are your wings made from feathers and wax or something more magical?

The Story: Icarus
Son of Daedalus who dared to fly too near the sun on wings of feathers and wax. Daedalus had been imprisoned by King Minos of Crete within the walls of his own invention, the Labyrinth. But the great craftsman's genius would not suffer captivity. He made two pairs of wings by adhering feathers to a wooden frame with wax. Giving one pair to his son, he cautioned him that flying too near the sun would cause the wax to melt. But Icarus became ecstatic with the ability to fly and forgot his father's warning. The feathers came loose and Icarus plunged to his death in the sea.

Will you concentrate on Icarus reaching for the sky, or lost in the depths of the sea, or will you twist the myth?  Its all up to you!

The Rules:

     :bulletgreen: Please make sure your entry is a new deviation - submitted after the 19th March 2012  :bulletgreen: Please leave a comment in your works description saying your work is for this contest. :bulletgreen: ARTISTS should use AT LEAST 5 individual resources found on DA, which should be credited and listed in the deviation description. (You can use more than 5, but 5 is the minimum) :bulletgreen: STOCK ARTISTS we are looking for poses, and other resources based around the theme of Icarus, your imagination is the only limit here! :bulletgreen: To submit your entires please send me ( Elandria ) a NOTE with the subject title "PE Icarus contest entry" or similar so I don't miss them! :bulletgreen: Maximum of 2 entries per person please! :bulletred:  For the purposes of this contest - we are looking for ORIGINAL artwork and resources - Therefore, we will not be accepting "PREMADE" stock as these are primarily created from already existing stock.

The Deadline:

The Contest will end on the 30th April 2012 at 00.00 hours (midnight GMT)

Submission Categories:

Submissions for this contest fall into 2 categories.  STOCK or ART.  Your submission must be visual media (sorry no lit this time!)


StockandResources  will now be hosting the contest folder HERE  for you to submit your work to! Don't forget only 2 entries per person!
**EDIT 27TH MARCH  - We have altered this so that we can submit entries more quickly into the folder**


There will be 2 winners, and 2 runners up from each category, ART and STOCK.

Winners will receive:
x1 - 12 months DA subscription
x1 - 6 months DA Subscription donated by Realm-of-Fantasy & digital-artists combined
1000 DA points
DA goodie pack
Features from multiple groups and individual journals including
Dan-Heffer  Elandria StockandResources projecteducate DesigningDivas Photomanipulated Dreamers-of-Avalon  Realm-of-Fantasy  digital-artists

(More prizes to be added asap)

Runners Up will receive:
x1 - 6 months DA subscription
x1 - 3 months DA subscription donated by Realm-of-Fantasy  & digital-artists
500 DA points
DA goodie pack
Features from multiple groups and individual journals including
Dan-HefferElandria StockandResources projecteducate DesigningDivas Photomanipulated Dreamers-of-Avalon Realm-of-Fantasy  digital-artists

(More prizes to be added asap)

Icarus Themed Artwork
Icarus by eWKn Icarus by danielledemartini
Icarus's Wish by alyn .: icarus :. by xdragonflyx
Icarus by Offering Icarus by RainbowCrowCat
Icarus by Venlian Icarus by MD-Arts

Icarus Themed Stock
:thumb64151915: Wings Archangel by markopolio-stock
Wings Brushes Gimp by BlaclyStuff Demon Wings - PSD STOCK by nightgraue
AquaLilia Wings Brushes by AquaLilia :thumb113027107:
Wing Tutorial by windfalcon Ornate Angel Wings by seiyastock

PE 2010 stamp by projecteducate

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Thy-Darkest-Hour's avatar
Does anyone know when this contest will be judged, or if it has been all ready, who won?
Elandria's avatar
Its in the process at the moment :) Sorry for the delay!!
Thy-Darkest-Hour's avatar
Thanks so much for taking the time to answer, I was just curious :D
Elandria's avatar
I promise we will announce winners by the end of the week! :D
Thy-Darkest-Hour's avatar
Wonderful :hug: I can hardly wait to see, everyones entries look amazing, judging them is very difficult I'm sure.
phoenixleo's avatar
Wish we had more time but oh well..>_>
why do contests happen when people have exams or are away :crying:
GraphicPAStock's avatar
I've got some new teenage male stocks if anyone needs them, several from the back. (I know it's late in the game and all, but they're useful anyway.) I'd love to see what you can do with it cuz sadly I don't have time lately to use 'em.
ErinM31's avatar
Ooo, I'll try to create something in time! :eager:
phoenixleo's avatar
Shoot Forgot about this D:
ArtressDesigns's avatar
I have a quick question.... say you are an artist AND have a stock account as well. Can submit 2 on each account or just 1 for each account?
Elandria's avatar
Hmmm thats not one that come up before. I would say no. As you are an individual, despite your 2 accounts. It would be unfair to have additional entries for the extra account. You are welcome to submit 1 art and 1 stock, or 2 arts/2 stocks.
ArtressDesigns's avatar
yes, that's what i thought too. And thank you so much for this update!
Elandria's avatar
Charlene-Art's avatar
Out of curiosity, can we use our own photographs that we haven't registered as stock on this website? I mean it is ours... but understandably it's not in category stock...
Elandria's avatar
You could, as long as you ALSO used 5 pieces of stock thats actually available on DA as stock :)
Charlene-Art's avatar
I'm sure I could manage that :D
UnderlandDigital's avatar
Oh! I love Icarus! I have to make something for this =D
TehAngelsCry's avatar
Elandria's avatar
TrollGirl's avatar
Is it legit to be using stock references for a traditional painting?
Elandria's avatar
Yep thats fine you just have to make it clear that you've used 5 different references :nod:
TrollGirl's avatar
But of course, i link to each resource and the stock provider..
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