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Stock & Resources Categories - Getting to the bottom of things

The Stock & Resources gallery is currently made up of:
:bulletgreen: 15 main categories
:bulletgreen: 76 sub categories
:bulletgreen: 66 sub sub categories
:bulletgreen: 20 sub sub sub categories
:bulletgreen: 4 sub sub sub sub categories

That's an awful lot of places you could potentially place your deviations! Due to this HUGE selection we are going to spend a little time this week trying to highlight some common "miscats" and show you examples of what and where you should be submitting your work to make the most of its exposure and usefulness!

There's no point in submitting your work if you're not going to place it where artists expect to be looking for it, which means the more you can "drill down" through the categories to place your image in the right one the more likely it is that other artists will find and use it!!

Stock Photography - Model Sub cats.

The Stock/model sub category is currently split into 3 main sub sub categories, male, female, and groups.  These at least are easy titles to work from.  However their sub, sub, sub categories tend to cause more confusion.

stock / model /[female/male] / FULL BODY

The current gallery description states: "The model's full body from head-to-toe are displayed or contained within the image."

:bulletred: Essentially, you should ONLY be posting your male/female stock here if you can see the ENTIRE body of the model in the frame.  

:thumb185697807: The Huntress4 by Tasastock
girl-3 by buzillo-stock goddness of purity II by angelcurioso
Teaser: Barbarian Warrior by mjranum-stock Chandar 5 by b-e-c-k-y-stock
OTB_last by jademacalla Jierdan XV by Grinmir-stock

:bulletred: This INCLUDES images where the body is NATURALLY cut off or hidden by another element in the image EG half hidden by a pillar or tree, submerged partially in water etc.

Pillar 1 by crimsonzettaIV Forest 2 by MissSouls-stock
Immersed by theenvylover stock 91 by DragonAngelStock
Shattered Throne by Erethkhaniel Male Stock 12 by BirdsistersStock

stock / model / [female/male] / PORTRAIT

The current category description for portrait states: "Classic portrait images and images that do not display the model's full body but include the majority of the model's face."

:bulletred: IF: The models arms/legs or any other part of them **EXCEPT THEIR HEAD** is CROPPED outside the edge of the frame YOU SHOULD PLACE THEM INTO PORTRAIT!

:bulletred: This includes CROPPED/3 QUARTER images where the models face is still in frame.

:thumb78174882: Autumn Mucha Portrait 2 by mizzd-stock
Arwen 1 by chirinstock Hopeless Romantic by IQuitCountingStock
blanc by Dan-Heffer Shipwrecked 32 by AilinStock
stok10 by Salengor Roman by Hudojnica

stock / model / [female/male] ANATOMY

The current category description for Anatomy states: "Close up images of the human form. These images focus on a small region of the subject."

:bulletred: ANY OTHER model image, where the body is cropped, or zoomed into to display only part of the body should be placed into ANATOMY.

stock / model / [female/male] / NUDE

The NUDE sub sub categories are also split again into what is effectively, full body (formal, classical) and Portrait.

:bulletred: The same principles as we have already shown above still apply to the nude sub sub categories as well, the only difference is that the model is either partially or full nude.

:bulletred:  It should also be pointed out here that under no circumstances should images of children under the age of 18 be placed in the nude categories.

stock / model / GROUPS

The GROUPS sub sub category is split down into several further sub sub sub categories - Anatomy, Children, Couples, Full Body, General, Portrait

:bulletred: Some of these sub sub sub categories are redundant and are due to be updated, however the same rules as we have already discussed above for full body and portrait apply

Young Love Stock 35 by Storms-Stock :thumb106628716:
Stock 153 by Lady-Moriendistock Two Models Stock. 02 by Solsken-i-Hemmet
Blackthorn 2005 by Blackthorness LS CoupleStock 1. by TheMightyRaccoon
Terra and Moe in Dresses 20 by Falln-Stock Super villain group stock 16 by Random-Acts-Stock

stock / model / [female/male] CHILD

The 3 sub sub sub categories for male & female children, and groups of children will be moved to their own main model category shortly, with separated portrait/full body galleries as the main adult categories already have.

It is important to note at this point that the CHILD model categories should be used if the child is younger than the age of 18, and that unless you are the parent or guardian of the child in the image you should have full written permission from them to submit images of children to these categories.

We hope that these gallery sub cat guides will make it easier for you to know where to place your stock images, however if you ever get stuck, please feel free to note Dan or myself, we will assist you with any categorisation issues you might have when submitting your resources and stock :)

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