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:iconj-u-d-a-s: J-u-d-a-s  - sometimes known as Paul, is a UK based,  dentist fearing,  dark Gothic art loving, photomanipulator with a gallery that leaves you a little speechless.  We offered him cookies in exchange for answers for our Project Educate Stock & Resources series of interviews.

You've been a photomanipulator on DeviantART for 5 years now, what or who first influenced you in the art world, and how has that impacted your own work?

I've been an active photomanipulator since late 2010, I've used Photoshop in other projects in the past, so had a basic understanding of how the program works. I loved the work I was seeing here on DeviantART & fancied trying it myself. There are many influential artists here, too many for me to list, some are well known, some not so well known, of course, all have had an impact on my own work, I have learnt so much in such a short space of time.

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You have a unique visual style to your artwork, do you ever get inspired directly from a stock image, or do you have an idea or theme in mind before you start looking for stock elements?

A bit of both really, sometimes I see a stock image and instantly know what I would like to achieve as an end result, other times I try and design around the stock image itself, trying different ideas to see which one suits. I take into account the lighting already on the model, the shadows, expressions,pose, hair & clothing, I like my images to have a semi realistic look to them, not a completely painted one.

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As a photomanipulator, does having the type of stock and resources "on your doorstep" in DeviantART affect your choice of images you use in your work, do you ever find yourself not wanting to use a piece of stock if its been used a lot?

It's difficult to avoid using certain 'over-used' stocks, In the end we all like to put our own little twist on the image, we are blessed to have such diverse stock, and for free too! I've never had any problems sourcing stock from DA, I've always found what I required, sometimes I find I have too much of a choice!

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The stock & resources community is directly affected and influenced by the
photomanipulation community in the styles and themes of work that gets used frequently and vice versa, do you have any advice for other artists or stock providers for making their work more unique?

The best advice I can give to new artists is the good old trial & error method, I only use Photoshop, I have found this program to be so vast that almost anything is possible, the best way to learn is from your own mistakes, try and find a style that suits you, there are many tutorials available to get you started & to give you an idea of how to achieve certain effects.
The most important thing is to understand fully the tools you are working with, once you are comfortable with the program you are using you can then let your creativity flourish!

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Last but not least, what flavour cupcake are you?

Mmmmh, there's always a difficult question, Snozberry.. :D


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pual my friend great artist :calp: