For The Love Of... Statues and Sculptures

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All of these stock images have been generously shared by DA's stock and resource providers for use in your work, please respect their individual terms of use!

  Statue 1 by almudena-stock Universal Studios Stock 5 by FairieGoodMother Statue 1 by ItsAllStock
Wimborne Road Cemetery 39 by LadyxBoleyn Dantes-Stock_Statue49 by Dantes-Stock Angel with Torch by FairyAndTurtleStock Angel statue Stock 16 by Malleni-Stock
Dantes-Stock_Engel63 by Dantes-Stock Rossville Cemetery Statue 15 by Falln-Stock Centaur Statue by LinwoodStock AthenaStock::Pony Express 2 by AthenaStock
Gargoyles 14 by CAStock Head Statue STOCK by Chiron178 Chariot Statue by LinwoodStock
Angel 2 by elanordh-stock Status Stock 2 by FairieGoodMother Four Winds Bronze Psd by GRANNYSATTICSTOCK Fairy Status Stock 3 by FairieGoodMother
stock image XII by mordachaistock Dragon statue 02 by restmlinstock angel cherub 2 by Drezdany-stocks Lady in Chair of Roses by FairyAndTurtleStock
<da:thumb id="101989908"/>  STATUE 38_quaddles by quaddles Nightstock 1606 by Nightstock
bronze unicorn by two-ladies-stocks Time Pile by the-night-bird Cemetery statue package 1 by almudena-stock Stolpen 11 by almudena-stock
<da:thumb id="79097585"/> Metal Horse by InToXiCaTeD--StOcK Stock 65 by UmbraDeNoapte-Stock
Statue by Kereska-stock cemetary - statue 3 by sacral-stock Castle Wall Gargoyle 3 by FantasyStock statue II by mimose-stock
Statue 1 by XiuLanStock Feminine Stone Garden Statue by FantasyStock Goddess in Stone by sd-stock Lion's Throne by TOTGStock
Statue 2 by almudena-stock Lion2 by autumn-icestock Stock Winged Lion Statue by Sheiabah-Stock
graveston-arsenal-greenfeed01 by arsenal-greenfeed Garden Face II by IQuitCountingStock Horse statue by YsaeddaStock Spring Wall Hanging by sd-stock
<da:thumb id="256177694"/> Venetian Lion by kickmeiamadog gear by Meltys-stock Chappel Hill Cemetery 42 by Falln-Stock
skulptur by sandeep-hegde <da:thumb id="151115277"/>

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I just noticed I was featured here, thank you!
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You're welcome :D
thank you elandria xx
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Always a pleasure!! :hug:
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Awesome collection!

Thanks for the feature!
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Its a pleasure!
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This is epic! Just what I've been looking for. Thank you :love:
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:D I'm really hoping to see more art with stuff like this in it :nod:
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These are real statues. Non of that 3D printing crap.
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Yep every single one of these statues is hand carved from a variety of stone, or are sculptures created with metal. :)
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As a whovian, this scares me immensely. :iconscaredplz:
:D :heart::heart:
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lol yerrr sorry about that ^^; 
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They're still beautiful though. :)
:D :heart::heart:
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Awesome collection indeed! :thumbsup:
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I'm going out on a limb here, but do you think many of these people commenting have seen Doctor Who? It's just a thought. :eyes:
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More than likely! Theres a very big Dr Who community here on DA :D This is the feature that nightmares might be made of :giggle:
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Weeping angels 
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:la: I apologize to all Whovians ^^;  They creep me out too lol, but they are still beautiful!
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