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Cloak Making The Elandria Way

By Elandria
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UPDATED AGAIN!! PDF & JPG version now in a zip file as people have experienced issues viewing the pdf :hug: Thanks for your patience!

:D I hope this is helpful to anybody who wishes to make their own cloak or variations thereof....

any problems/comments etc please note me or leave a comment here :) Feedback is useful but please remember this is only my way.... and by no means a definitive guide in the art of making cloaks.... ;P

May the gods of LARP and RenFaires smile down upon you all :blowkiss:

:heart: Elandria :heart:

© 2006 - 2021 Elandria
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And you look fabulous in it!
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Thats a great tut. Thanks for making. :)
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Will look into it.
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Where is the file?
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There is a download link for the zip file on the right hand side of the preview image (near to the "add to faves" button)
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Wonderful tutorial!  If I am making a cloak that does not require a hood, can this tutorial be modified at all? 
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Yep simply finish the neckline without adding the hood :)
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Nice cloak, I'm also going to try your pattern. Do you think a fabric with a width of 1.4m is also big enough? Couldn't find any wider ones. 
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You can always do a central back seam quite easily to get more width, just depends on personal taste.  :)
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I thought about that, I'll look if it still looks oké, otherwise I won't fold the fabric but make the central seam. I let you know when I'm finished! 
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Please do! I love to see how others interpret the pattern! :D
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I'm halfway at the moment, broke the needle and didn't know how to repare but finally found out :P.. tomorrow I'm going to make the hood ;).
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Doh! :XD: Yer breaking your needle is not much fun! Glad to hear you got it fixed! Good luck with the hood :)
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I finished it! Only it was a bit too thick and heavy to wear, guess my fabric was like that but I still folded it. I'm glad I made it more as a try out (bought really cheap fabric) so now I know what fabric to use. I only forgot to make a picture, now it is somewere in a box. I'm moving but don't remember in which one I put it. If I find it I'll still show you ;).
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Always worth experimenting with the weight before you sew it together, won't be the first time somethings been made that turns out to be really heavy lol I've done it myself :)
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I'm making one of these cloaks :) I finished the main body and right now I'm working on the hood, I also got material yesterday to make a gold cloak too :D
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You're welcome!
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Don't know why its taken so long for me to find this. The instructions are crystal clear and I have admired the cloak since I first saw it in your stock years ago. Luckily I have a bolt of suitable material tucked away (slightly heavier weight than that which you used), so I downloaded your instructions last night. I have measured it all up already and marked the material out. Today comes the cutting - wish me luck, knock on wood !

IF it all works out, I'll post a photo of it here (acknowledging all your help, of course.) Also if it works I might try to make a lined version.

Again, many thanks for posting the instructions and I just wish I had found them 3 or 4 years ago.

Hugs, Jane
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Aaww well I hope it all works out for you :D You can always do a single layer if your fabric is a heavier weight, that will cut your sewing time in half :D

Good luck!
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the cloak looks awesome! I can't seem to find the tutorial though...
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You need to hit "download" on the right hand side menu by where the "fave" button is :) That will download a zip file to your comp which you then need to open to get the tutorial :)
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