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Annapolis Bar Fight

By Elandain
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This is an illustration I submitted to "What's Up? Annapolis," a Maryland magazine. The subject was a bar fight in Annapolis in the 1860s between one Russian sailor and a bunch of American sailors. (Getting reference for this was extremely difficult; this was a transitional period when the Navy had just begun to issue uniforms for enlisted men.)

Probably the most involved painting I've done yet, as far as figures go. Nine people! And I really like the style of this, too. It's kind of a hybrid of colorized photos and oil painting. I think I'll try to continue in this flavor for a while.

Photoshop CS3, Painter X
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I love the subject of this!

I'd love to know what the fight was about and who won and how many ended up in jail or hospital!
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Very nice, reminds me of Paul Cadmus, Reginald Marsh, etc.
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I'm curious how this fight could have ended:)
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Very nice picture, I like it.
Just a small note: there is a mistake in the title on the Russian's cap. "ЧЕРНОMОРСКИЙ ФЛОТ" is a modern spelling. In 1860 it would be "ЧЕРНОМОРСКІЙ ФЛОТЪ". You may need letters "I" and "Ъ", here they are .)
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An excellent piece. What's the story behind this?
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ohhh yeah bar fight!
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This is amazing and the coloring is superb!
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This is great. It reminds me of Jack Vettriano for some reason. There is something strange about it though. It doesn't look like they are in motion. It's like they are holding a pose. Don't take that as a negative, It's what makes it interesting. This is going right in to my faves! :+fav:
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Thank you. I think the fact that some of the details are so laborious adds to the "still frame" sense. I'm trying to figure out how to avoid that. :)
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I love this style! It's very graphic, almost abstract when you squint at it. Awesome!
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Thank you. I'm quite fond of it, too. :)
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awsome! the russian look a bit like Michael Petersson^^
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Awesome! The Russian looks huge compared to the Americans. Great illustration. ^_^
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Thanks! I figured he'd have to be a big guy, if he was holding his own against whole bunch of Americans. :)
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Um.. Russian is only one?)
russian navy telnyashka has no collar)
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Yeah, they told us there was only one Russian. This was the only uniform reference I could find: [link] The text for the hat ribbon was illegible in this reference, so I used one from the Black Sea Fleet. I know it doesn't make sense. :)
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I love how the most detail is the people in front and the people in the back aren't as detailed. :D Gives a real painting effect!
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Thank you. It makes the painting go faster, too. ;)
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Welcomes! :)

Yes yes this is true!
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The guy falling over in the background is hilarious. :lol:
Great detail in this piece, I'm sure drawing 9 people was really tedious! It's hard enough to draw 2 or 3. :)
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Thanks! The hardest part was the initial drawing, actually. I used some photos of European soccer brawls for reference. :D
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What a strangely specific subject for them to give you. I wonder why... ?

Also, that is one suave mustache.
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