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RAINBOW | Dash / bluedelta

Haha, look at me trying to make a fancy title.

Anyway, this is now mine and :icondelta105:'s third (or is it fourth?) wallpaper collab, and we are just the best team ever, I swear down.

Well, better than some teams.

Be sure to click download for full view and quality!

Many thanks to the marvelous :iconfallingferret: for the vector.
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Is it just me or is the contrast kinda high?? I mean the top quarter seems sorta bright.
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I get a lot of my awesome wallpapers from the both of you, so it makes it that much more awesome when you collab.
Just when I thought I would give Rainbow Dash a break from being my wallpaper; I find this.
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want is that text? BTW AWESOME!!!
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It's called Amputa Bangiz. :)

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If you made one for Vinyl Scratch, same style, that would be AWESOME.
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What a splendid idea. I might see if me and delta cou- oh wait. There's one already! :D [link]?
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Well it'S not the same style, but good enough :meow:
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Oh hey, it's on the front page of DA
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stop hoarding all the popularity nigger
y u do dis :'(
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thats a nice RD Wallpaper
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That looks AWSOME!!!! :iconsnugplz:
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Looks great :meow: honestly thought it was graffiti from just looking at the thumbnail.
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Thats very nice! i love how you put some rainbow lines in the front.
very awesome!
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YAY music
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This is amazing :0
Can someone PLEASE tell me this font ?
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:) you're welcome.
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So epic! Love it
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