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Equestria Digital Project 2013

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If using the torrent, please seed for as long as possible so others may download it.

It's been over a year since Equestria Digital released the Winter Project, and since then, both the fandom and ED has grown much larger. We're nearing thirty thousand page views and a thousand watchers, and that's no small success.

The 2013 Project is a collection of the absolute best the fandom has to offer when it comes to customizing your desktop.

One hundred and fifty wallpapers line the walls of ED 2013, and Equestria Digital itself, as a dA group, has over 3000 wallpapers. So I recommend you check those out!

In addition to our dA group, we have a forum! Right here is where you'll find like-minded artists, tutorials, and critical feedback on your work.

I hope you all enjoy 2013, both the year and the Project!

Tip: When in the wallpaper folder of the ED Project, if you search by artist name, all of their wallpapers inside will appear
Most (if not all) of the desktop icons are Windows 7 and Vista only. Sorry XP users!
All materials in this pack have been submitted to the dA group, and so their copyright allows distribution without profit.
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© 2013 - 2021 Elalition
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well lets find out how much you guys have in comparison to 2 years of gathering pony material from across the web
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Does this work for Win8?
MajorasWaker's avatar
So, this should keep me going for a while. :P

Thank you, all the artist who worked on this, and thanks for combining everything!
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Is this written on .rmskin file format?
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Some of the rainmeter skins are. Others you will have to C&P the folders.
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More pony for my desktop? Yes please.
But I already have so much pony, please, no more!
What? Too much poni? You're crazy. I don't care if you're on fire, quit bitching.
why do you hate me?!
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Does anybody know why the start orbs have a weird halo around them? It's almost as if it doesn't recognize the transparency of the image. Is that supposed to happen?
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wow it works!!!
ok... about that Rainmeter stuff, how can I use it?
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So many ponies. So little time.. MUST DOWNLOAD!
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Just dled the torrent, will seed
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is it just me or are some of the icons really pixelated?
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This is awesome!!! Thx!
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"Most (if not all) of the desktop icons are Windows 7 and Vista only. Sorry XP users!"

Aw, pony feathers...
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MUST PONIFY MOAR! Thanks for rolling it all into a convenient pack.
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Trying to install the visual styles, Octavia specificly, and all it says is to copy and paste files into C:/windows/resources/themes. I do this and nothing happens. I downloaded UXtheme multipatcher.
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You have to go into the control panel to change the theme after copying them over. :)
Twidity's avatar
I do that, will it show up in the Aero themes or the My Themes section?
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Will this work on Windows 8?
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