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DeltaBlue Collab - Changelings

Yaaaay more Changelings.

I can safely say when :icondelta105: and I collab, we kick ass. Not to roll out the red carpet though, of course.

Vector by the very talented: :iconemkay-mlp:

Be sure to click download for full view & quality! (seriously the default view sucks ass)
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Hey! uhm. Can i ask if i can use this artwork for a coverart for this story i'm working on? It looks so cool and perfect for the story i am making with a friend of mine! I'll make sure to credit you and everything!

is it alright?

I'll accept whatever you say. Because this is still amazing artwork to look at. :P
Elalition's avatar
Go for it mate! & thank you asking as well as the compliment :)
Super57s's avatar
Thank you so much man! Means a lot! :D
Game-BeatX14's avatar
This is awesome, I like how realistic the shadow is. Both you and Delta are amazing artists :)
SandwichHorseArchive's avatar
I'm just glad this has some type of grunge on it.
1zacster's avatar
what would the name of the changeling empire be?
Solar Empire
New Lunar Republic
aleksa0rs1's avatar
very nice use of blur and difusion im loving it :3
Thorheim's avatar
So.. it is.. a... symbol, right?
Elalition's avatar
Changeling emblem.
idislikecake's avatar
Proper word is insignia.
Magrior's avatar
Pretty fancy.

This adds to the problem of the lack of balance between awesome wallpapers and ways to display them. Someone needs to fix that!
Elalition's avatar
Buy moar monitors.
Magrior's avatar
Tried that and it turned out Windows wont let me set to different wallpapers for two different monitors if they are in 'extension-mode'. And from what I gathered around the internet, there is no really good (read: easy) way to actually do so.
So, I'd have to buy more machines which would probably turn out to be quite expansive.

Honestly, if I could afford it I'd buy most of these wallpapers as posters and get, you know, 'actual wall-papers'. :P

For now, I think I'll go with cycling backgrounds, even if this means I can admire each singe one just for a short time.

(Oh and no, I didn't actually bought a second monitor to display another wallpaper. Would've been funny though, wouldn't it? xP )
DasinBoot's avatar
I shat I brick when I saw this. Fucking beautiful.
Elalition's avatar
Y'know I only just recognized your icon.

Kneesocks best pony.

MikoyaNx's avatar
The symbol looks real.

Well played, you two. c:
Elalition's avatar
It's sign.

A sign against sign.
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