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The Inheritance girls

ZOMG it's finished. Now I can sleep.

Anyways, as promised, here are the awesome Inheritance gals - Arya, Katrina, Nasuada and Angela that is. It's a companion piece to thisssss: [link]

I asked who you guys wanted in the girls picture, and you said Katrina and Arya for sure, with Nasuada or Angela for the third one. I was halfway through inking this when I was like, "What are you thinking, woman? You'll never forgive yourself if you don't put Angela in!" So there she is.

Arya is my fanart nemesis. I think that CP designed her thinking "Yep, she's tall, thin, gorgeous, has long, straight hair and wears skin-tight leather to expose even the smallest anatomy flaws. Screw you, fanartists!" I keep telling myself that the day I draw a good Arya is the day I can die happy. So far?... Not happening.

Anyways, these four gals (and Angela's huthvir) belong to Christopher Paolini. Actually, Arya belongs to Eragon. Hurr hurr I kid the lame pairing jokes
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ngela is juuuuust chillin'
typical angela, always the oddball. ( I sat that like I'm not)
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They look awesome but I prefer Katrina :)
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Rofl ya! Angela looks about right! She would of made you sound like a bird if you didn't add her in! Or worse.. Cheep cheep! lol Loove it!!
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arya looks great, I love her expression it really suits her character. angela roflcopter, somehow I could actually see her laying on the floor like that haha
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She would have been standing up but I already had the darn thing half inked by the time I decided to add her in. It ended up all right in the end, though! Luckily it was Angela and not one of the others - I think Arya, for instance, is a bit too dignified to lay on the floor. :XD:
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haha yeah, that would have made for an interesting pic! :D
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Aw I think Arya looks great! Lovely job on all four ladies.
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i think your Arya looks amazing! as do all of them!
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I like the details and design (and joke, hehe).
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I love you. :D:D:D this is so awesome!!!!!!!
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Arya is looking quite angsty. Picture is awesome, even though I find Katrina extremely annoying :)
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This looks amazing! Angela is the best one!
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