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Palettes by stormnicki.

A doll I made for Stormnicki's palette contest. I spent hours searching for a base that would work for my idea, only to realise that I have bases of my own, one of which was pretty much perfect for what I had in mind... Sometimes I'm a true idiot <_<
Anyway, I've pretty much always avoided palette contests because working with other people's palettes is hard. But for some reason, I decided to give this one a go. And came up with this. Whatever this is. I have a vague background story in my mind for her species, but eh...? Mostly, I just like dolling long dresses, so this is what I came up with XD I only used the colours provided in the palettes, managed to use colours from every palette and used 6 out of 8 palettes completely ^^
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Luscious. ^__^ I particularly like the corset and cape.
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wow so pretty! I love how you've used the colours!
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Thank you :D It was fun working with someone else's colours for once, though it was quite a challenge as well.
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you're welcome! you made the colours work together so well!
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this is so lovely. i adore all of the teeny lil details on her corset and the tattoo and bracelet :love: also her face!! i just really love the way you did her face, too c: 
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Thank you so much :D The face just... fell into place? as I was making it. The palette was just perfect for it. And the corset details were so much fun to make :aww:
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