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Yet another palette contest entry. For some reason my mind went from 'it's a small palette, so make a small doll' to 'pixel a gorram jungle'. I had to rush to get it finished on time (can't doll during the week because of work) as I prioritised finishing my shop orders (still have one that is half-way finished) during my time off. I used an old character for this and there is a small background story to it.

Anyway, this was both frustrating and fun. Working with other people's palettes is always a bit frustrating and hard. I usually work with way larger palettes (that does not mean I pick my colours mindlessly, I have my own version of palette 'limiting') and it was hard to get the exact shading effect that I wanted. Ah, well, it was a nice challenge :)
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So much wonderful going on here! So much to look at and so many details. I love the composition and how it all flows together.
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ela you're so good at making backgrounds! and with those few colours?? how do you do it!! also that skull is really nice
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Aww, Lex, you managed to make a beautiful background with those same colours too! But thank you so much :D
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Beautiful use of a limited palette! I adore the foliage!
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Thank you so much! I must admit that getting the foliage to look right was a big pain in the you-know-what XD
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You've done an amazing work with the palette: the both the technique and the subject are very nice
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Thank you so much :D
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