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Lautitiane _Added Poses

A base I've been working on for quite a long time. I had some extra plans for it (simpler shading and such), but I'm tired of working on it so it stays as it is. Don't know if it's usable for others, but I can doll on it so I figured I could release it in case someone else wanted to use it. I'm not experienced with basemaking (this is one of the few I've ever finished) and am still practising on anatomy, so there are probably/most likely some mistakes.

There are some differences between the faces (and small differences between heights and hips) of the different skintones. Most of them aren't that noticeable though.

In the rare case someone decides to use it:
- all edits allowed (including frankenbasing if the other basemaker is okay with that and appropriate credit is given)
- link back to my site ( or DA somewhere near the doll. Preferably my site though.

Feel free to show me any dolls made with it or send me edits.

Main references:
Anatomy for the Artist - Daniel Carter, Michael Courtney
Bodies in motion image library
Navate's Skin Tutorial

I used some other references as well, but I don't remember them and their impact on the base is considerably less than the ones listed.

ETA: some new poses and faces added. Most of the new poses could already be found on my site, but I decided to add them here. On my site you can also find an outlined version with simpler shading.
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Werelyan's avatar
Such an elegant pose and I just love the skintones you prepared.
Elaitea's avatar
Thank you :D The skintones were fun to make ^^
isoldel's avatar
Totaly agree with Dilli Dalli. I love the faces as well. More poses please in the future?
Elaitea's avatar
Thanks :aww: I'll try to come up with some more poses that fit this one. Though I'd prefer to know if it's going to be used as these are a lot of work :/
Daenerys's avatar
I love her hips. It's a very natural body shape. I'll need to find a use for this, sometime :)
Elaitea's avatar
I'm glad the body shape comes of as natural, that was pretty much what I was aiming for :) And I'd be thrilled if you would find a use for it :D
dilli-dalli's avatar
These are beautiful! They remind me of the graceful poses in Roman and Greek statuary; I could SO see these being used for classical mythology themed dolls. Lovely work! :heart:
Elaitea's avatar
Thank you so much :D I never thought it'd remind someone of these statues, didn't even think of it myself XD But it's a great compliment, thanks :)
thebookhobbit's avatar
She's so beautiful! The shading is amazing, and the pose looks so natural! Lovely~
Elaitea's avatar
Thank you :D I'm happy the pose looks natural to you and that you like the shading - I spent way too much time on that ^^'
shabangles's avatar
It's beautiful, I love the 3rd and 4th skintones a lot. I could never use it for fear of spoiling how wonderful it looks.
Elaitea's avatar
Thanks :) And using the base wouldn't spoil it, only change how it looks. That's what it was made for ^^
shabangles's avatar
Have you seen me doll? Aha xD
Elaitea's avatar
Actually I have :) And that doesn't change my opinion at all XD
elavoria's avatar
I love the pose! She's gorgeous! :)
Elaitea's avatar
elavoria's avatar
You're welcome!
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