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Captain Sisko

The trekkie buried inside of me has been awakened by the new Star Trek series, so I got the urge to doll my favourite Star Trek captain: the wonderful Benjamin Lafayette Sisko. That man is just awesome. And of course I had to include Deep Space Nine and his baseball :)
I actually managed to finish this in just two sittings, which is a first for me. I typically struggle with getting a doll to look like the actual person, but meh... I do like this one.
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Ahhh this is so nicely done [though admittedly I've only seen one DS9 episode]. All the details!
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I REALLY love this, wow. The skin palette is so amazing and I love the tiny ds9 in the background - so detailed! I really like how you did his eyes, too.
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Thank you so much :D I'm beginning to really enjoy making skin palettes (or well... editing them as I have a couple of basic skin palettes that I usually start from). DS9 just had to be included... after all, it's his and I think its design is really nice. It was fun to pixel too.
Sisko. He's the most interesting of the Captains, and the best since Kirk. Nice image of him.
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Thank you! I totally agree that he's the most interesting of the ST captains :D
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holy crap this is amazing!! the background ship is amazing and the way his clothing pattern is done is so perfect!! 
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Thank you :hug: I struggled a bit with getting that clothing pattern to at least look decent, it was probably the hardest part of the doll XD
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The Sisko!!!  By far the best Star Trek Captain!
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Thank you :D Yup, the very best! That man was just awesome :)
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