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Ahem, this was made for a 'no clothes, only hair' challenge by StormNicki at Glam. It's my first time making such a nude doll (bases excluded of course). Nudity usually isn't my thing, but when inspiration strikes, one's got to go with the flow. The challenge rules got altered a little bit after I posted this (this time saying to show as little nudity as possible). If I had known that, I would have tried to cover her up more. Or come up with another idea. But eh, it is what it is now :shrug: At least I had fun making her ^^

I've been wanting to doll multicoloured hair ever since I saw that mermaid hair trend. This was the perfect opportunity to do so. I'm happy with how it came out, especially since hair isn't my strongest point. And of course I just had to add a background, which has turned out better than I expected. I imagine her being some kind of benevolent spirit that creates will-o'-the-wisps to guide lost travellers out of the marshes during the night.
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Wow, that HAIR. The flow, the color, the length. And I love the background, it's absolutely gorgeous. 
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Thank you so much :D That hair was way easier to make than I had ever expected, especially since hair isn't one of my dolling strengths.