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A quick doll of my character Aelin since it's been ages since I last dolled him. His skin got darker because I dolled Atijruë (his ex-wife btw) with darker skin and his original skintone seemed too light for a desert dwelling race, especially when compared to Atijruë's. Basic design stayed the same, though he did at one point get a haircut. The older he gets, the more distance he puts between himself and the culture he grew up in. Anyway, he's currently annoyed by whatever the letter says. Because when he gets documents shoved into his hands, that usually doesn't mean anything good. Probably some Erkani (kind of Elf) got themselves killed on another planet and retrieving their souls hasn't gone well, so he ends up having to negotiate with whoever is responsible for the afterlife there :)
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I love the colors you used on this! They look so warm, and I love how the hair looks too. Plus the pose is really fun. 
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Thank you so much! The hair took me a while to get right because of the contrast with the dark skin :) I'm glad you like the pose :D I might make a base out of it if I have the time and will to do so.

Also, my apologies for the late reply; spoons are in short supply for me.