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You will find most of my digital dolls here, along with some bases. For more resources see my site.
Also, I don't mind it at all if you fav and run ;) Every comment and fav is much appreciated ^^

If you want to link to me, please link to my site. There's more content there, including dolls I don't post on dA. I still really appreciate all links though, so, if you're linking to me: thank you!


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It's been a while since I last was active. I'm sorry for that, but, ya know... life just kept insisting on happening. Those of you who follow my Tumblr will know why I was inactive.
Anyway, since I last posted, lots of stuff has happened:

1) I finally got my driver's license, which is a pretty big deal since at one point just sitting in a car on a busy road kinda made me go into full-blown panic mode. Thank goodness for therapy.
2) I ended up having to swear loyalty to the king and obedience to the 'laws of the Belgian people'. Guess that turning to the criminal life is no longer an option for me. Can't go around breaking oaths, especially not ones as official as this one.
3) However, the last part isn't so bad, since I actually got a really, really nice job. Somehow I've ended up working at a court and it's awesome? Especially since it's a one-of-a-kind court in this country. I mean, I just work at the registry, but still... It's just a wonderful job and I'm very grateful that my first real job turned out to be such a nice one. Also, I'm going to be able to pronounce judgements as a clerk. Not a real clerk, but an 'added' one (greffier assumé/toegevoegd griffier) and only simple judgements, but hey! I still think that's pretty awesome.
4) My mystery illness is no longer a real mystery illness. I don't have a real diagnosis (it's still hypothetical), but the docs are pretty sure it's a neurological illness with an overly complicated name. So I'm still calling it 'mystery illness' for now. Anyway, it screws with a lot of body systems, but the most noticeable symptoms are widespread neuropathic pain (which is completely unaffected by various sorts of pain meds - just my luck :roll:) and chronic fatigue, combined with lots of other not-so-fun stuff.
5) The combination of mystery illness and wonderful job is the reason of my long absence: it sucks up all of my energy and I spend my weekends and evenings sleeping and recuperating.
6) Incidentally, I'm only able to type all this because my doc put me on at least three weeks of sick-leave. So, I guess I'll have some more time to spend on my hobbies when my body decides to behave itself a little bit. It still sucks to be on sick-leave though :/
7) Somehow, I've ended up owning two big glass boxes filled with water, plants, snails, shrimps and fish? And I already have plans for a, smaller, third one with shrimps only.
8) I'm also way too excited for the new Star Trek! I hope it'll end up as awesome as DS9, but perhaps that's hoping for too much? Anyway, I started rewatching the other Star Trek series again. Always a nice way to pass time when you're feeling crappy :D

Dolling related: I've managed to make a new layout for my site. Due to domain issues it has to moved to this URL.
I'm also looking for links to dolling sites that are still online. My links page is way too empty for my liking. If you have a link, feel free to shoot it my way :)

Also, thank you for all the favs, watches and comments that I received during my absence!

Still on the topic of dolling: wasn't there some kind of Facebook page for dollers? I finally got a Facebook because of cats* and am looking for other things to do with it.
*Yes, because of cats. A local cat rescue organisation provides the possibility of becoming godmother/godfather of the cats that they're helping when you donate them money. It basically only means that you get to name those cats and get to drool at the kitty pictures, but it's totally worth it. The names I picked for my three godkitties were Ezri, Nerys and Sisko (unfortunately they changed the latter into Siska :/).

And to end this rambly journal: my apologies for any grammar and/or spelling mistakes. I'm afraid that mystery illness has also messed with my intellectual abilities.
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  • Reading: The Name of the Wind - P. Rothfuss


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Sarina Margarita
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Currently on hiatus. For more info, see my website (link below). Will reply to comments when back.

Used to be a philosopher and 'theologian' in training. Has somehow ended up working at a court registry. A Trekkie in process, cat-lover and tea addict.
I'm a self-taught 'artist' with an overly active imagination and an interest in way too many things. MS Paint would be my weapon of choice.

Please forgive me for any spelling or grammar mistakes I make, English is not my native language (Dutch/Flemish is).

Oh, and just to let you know: my dolling resources and older dolls are on my website (see below). I won't post them on DA :)

Also, no need to thank me for the llamas. They're just silly little things that I like to give out once in a while ;)


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