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Kiss the Girl

This is my entry for the Disney-club Coloring Book Challenge, where you have to take a Disney coloring book page and, well, color it! 
The coloring page I used:
I expanded the background to include more of the lagoon scenery because I always thought de mooooooood in that scene was really beautiful :D

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Beautiful drawing, try the Thomas Kinkade one

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Oh my gosh this is lovely!

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Wow, this is gorgeous Smiley: Heart eyes

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Yay froggies! 😁💖✨

Oh, yeah and the kissing of cute, ginger, former mermaids.:love:

This is, frankly, gorgeous, and a quick scan through the rest of your gallery reveals that that likely isn't any mistake. You yourself have mentioned the background, but it bears repeating, in a lot of ways, this carefully rendered, detailed, textured lagoon imagery is the most stunning thing here. It makes sense of course, because those color schemes are eye popping in the original animation as well. This isn't to disparage Ariel or Eric of course. I'll admit, I find the look on Eric's face a tiny bit dopey here, but you've nailed Ariel's more seductive, come hither expression, and, her hair is fantastic. There's really nothing not to applaud here. I would (metaphorically) kill to see a scene with Vanessa, Ursula's pretty disguise, rendered with this level love and care.

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That is Ariel, isen't it?! :D Very well done!

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It look so amazing, I can say it look better than the movie ^^

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Your draw is Magnificent!! Congratulation I love it!!

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Great pic well done 👏

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Hey, I know a Disney character that might like to draw if you're interested?
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Is that a 'yes'?
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I mean, if it’s someone I’d like to draw then I will
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Your paintings on the coloring pages are gorgeous. They look so professional, I would hang this on my living room! :clap: In Love

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Ahh thanks, I'm flattered you'd actually hang it up :la: still haven't ever gotten around to doing prints but it's maybe an idea for the future

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Society 6 is the only site I know that allows for popular fanarts to be sold.

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Such a beautiful work! Wishing you the best at the challenge! 😁👍💛

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Thank you! :D We'll see how it goes

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