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G'day all!

These are some drawings of Runes that I sort of made up, I should mention that they were inspired by the runestones in Diablo II, but mostly they are of my own makeing. I thought that they looked cool all drawn up like this so I have posted them.

I hope you like.


Hello again! Just letting you know that this --> :iconmaster-of-time: <-- person has be so awesome and turned this script into a font file! So why not check it out! [link]

Thank you Master-of-Time!

Also, I have had lots of requests from people asking if they may use this font in their work. The answer is always yes, but please note and credit me. :)
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Captain-GoldfishHobbyist General Artist

Used here:

Ancient Scripture Page
Scripture Brush Pack 01
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DJMadameNoirProfessional Digital Artist
Used here: djmadamenoir.deviantart.com/ar… Thanks so much!
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Great Job! Thanks for letting us artists use your design =) It was extremely helpful adding runes to the armor of my samurai sketch. Check it out [link]
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Only one is even close to being a rune.
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Beautifull! love them.. quite a celtic feel i think :)
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Absolutely love these!
keep up the great work, you have some amazing talent.

sent you a note for a request to use them, this is my first few minutes on this website, so i don't quite have the etiquette down yet, i hope you say yes :)
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xX--Enigma--XxStudent Digital Artist
WOW SO AWESOME ^.^ Really great work, I'm so checking out the font file ^.^
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Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. :)
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Since you made them, can i use them to paint on beads, please, they are awesome, and i will fav them anyway :P
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Sure, I'd be happy for you to use them. :)
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ReachForTheStarfishHobbyist Photographer
TADA! [link]
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ReachForTheStarfishHobbyist Photographer
Okay, so it's been made into a font... but seeing as I have no program to use that, would you mind if I made the runes into a photoshop brush? please ^.^
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Of course you may. :) Thank you for asking and I'm glad you like it.
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Master-of-TimeProfessional Digital Artist
Made it into a font. ;)

[link] - Elabeth Script
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I used these as decoration here:

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Have you thought of translating them into a font? You did a great job and making them usable in a font format would be most excellent :)
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I unfortunately don't have a font editing program, so I can't actually turn them into a font. :( But thank you for thinking that they are worthy of being a font. :)
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Column 4 Row 5 (kinda like and A with a Sideways C) looks a lot like the Comics Code Authority logo.

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Wow! :) So it does. I've never seen that before. :) Thanks for the comment.
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i really like them. very creative and neat! :D

i think that you should name them and put meanings to them like the Nordic runes. that would be really cool! :D
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I want to ask permission first. I am playing an Elven Character for a LARP I am a member of and I wanted to ask if I could use these rune symbols in my costume.These are by far the best I have seen so far and have been searching for a good hour now trying to find just the right ones. I'll link the pics of the costume and weapon once completed. I would hope that you get back to me ASAP mainly b/c the LARP is in a few more weeks. thanks
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I am quite happy for you to use my runes for your character and I am honoured that you think mine are the nicest you have found. Have fun at your LARP. :)
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Kael-Thas-SunstriderHobbyist Writer
I thought that hourglass symbol looked familiar, Diablo II FTW!

Love these ^_^
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i like it alot
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