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WIP xenicore.com logo

By El3ment4l
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wow how did you make the X and the S look like that?
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Very nice.

Super sympa ce petit logo.
J'attend de voir la suite.
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Cool Logo think the bottom left part of the logo could be more curved or just rounded on the edges to fit in, and where the blue touches the grey bit at the top of X i think would be tighter looking should the smudges be taken away so you get a more clean edge, and a big bubble extra like the smaller ones but bigger.
All comments above not being mean just thinking what id do to it but its amazing as it is i think its a tight sick looking logo very nice work
well done +fav
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Wow, thats sick dude, awesome work. Favorite :D
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great work dude!
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It's not bad, the only thing I might change is the "C", I think it could be mistaken for something else.Nice job on the overall design though ^_^.
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Wow very nice design! I like a lot!
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looks good but maybe try it on a darker background and make it a bit bigger.
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Looks Greate :D I like the X :D
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I think you can make that shadow deeper, then it would look better on light bg. Those white sparkles are pretty cool.

btw, I thought logo should be vector, so it won't distort when you resize it.
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well, it's not really a professional logo, but like, more of a way to be recognized. im not sure how to say it, but this is what will represent the site.
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You mean a trademark? :P
Awesome logo btw! Couldn't have made it better.
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wow look cool
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yeah, i think it would be a lot better on a dark background, maybe enlarge it a bit to show more detail, and then it can be shrunk when needed.
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alright i'll work on the dark background thing... shouldn't take too long
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I think it looks awesome, and would look even better against a dark background. The circle could move a little to the right, too.
REALLY cool logo. What did you make it with?
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i'll be sure to center the circle ;D
and i used photoshop cs3. but the version doesnt really matter. all i used was the marquee, and the brush tool
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Wow. Awesome job! I see why you're the prophet of photoshop!
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lmao. yeah my friend told me to use that as a sub-name. so i did lol.

but if you wanna see the real "prophet", check out [link] he is so crazy and he's like masta of da world
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