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Voodoo Designs - Logo

For sale - pm if you're interested
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i have read your post,, i would like to purchase this logo tell me how much u need now ?
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Hey, im really interested in your logo work, please give me a pm!
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Client = gaming clan? if so, i'v had them as clients to
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I loled at the anti rip thing.
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that is an awesome effect...
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what the hell :p

very interesting logo and concept :)

i like the blue and the " V " effect (:

very sexy :>

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pretty cool work mate! :)
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Hot stuff! Was this brushed or did you do some trippy text effect?
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pretty weird technique here, i used the flair effect, then smudge it out, copied, smudged, etc, blurred, brushed some white, added some colour layers, brightness layers, etc etc
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neat, hopefully the darn client comes back :P
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lol i can't believe i'm replying to this comment right now. umm but yea the client was a douche and never came back, i think i'm gonna some how turn this into and A and do something with it i have no idea but it's better than leaving it to rott on my harddrive lol
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lol, over a year later :D

Yeah, repimping old work is always fun.
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