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Photoshop CS3 Replacement Icon

© 2007 - 2021 El3ment4l
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Outstanding work!
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i am also confused how can i run it
I like it! Only thing I would of liked was to have the PS in white though, regardless I am using it. Thanks!
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If you think the default CS3 icon is "crummy" then I guess you don't like my avatar!
brookstyle's avatar
ooo this is really good
Rhor's avatar
Thanks for this!! Really well done.
xBluechanx's avatar
Cool! :+fav: I wish it said CS3 on the actual icon but w/e still cool!:D
nawt12's avatar
looks cool thnks
iDOtheDEW's avatar
where's Illustrator and InDesign? I NEED them! haha ok so i don't need them, but they are hideous as is. this one looks great though!
El3ment4l's avatar
gah... maybe i'll make em one day when im really bored. the reason i didn't make em is because i dont use them :P
iDOtheDEW's avatar
oh, don't worry about it, maybe cs4 will be better looking. :)
FSDown's avatar
Nice! Using it now :+fav: :nod:
Raseri's avatar
How do you make it the icon in place of the other CS3 icon?
alexdesigns's avatar
Much better than the plain, boring, CS3 icon.
ShADowPr0ph3t's avatar
Your's is so much better.
El3ment4l's avatar
haha thanks man :)
michaelmknight's avatar
Excellent. Whats the font you used?
El3ment4l's avatar
Kozuka Gothic Pro ;)
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cool, i'll use this on my objectdock... nice job :)
El3ment4l's avatar
give me a note if it doesnt work, i'll figure something out :)
megachaos's avatar
no, it works fine... thanx :)
El3ment4l's avatar
cool i didnt think it would work *tries*

lol thanks for the tip
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