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GamerVoice Logo

Logo done for GamerVoice, soon coming out i think. EDIT: I haven't heard from the owner in a while, so I'm guessing this project is dead.
100% photoshop
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Yea nice stuff. Please check for some serious 3d logo designs.
Do you have any video tutorials on your methods?
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dude need you email idd..
Hi can you do me a favor i m looking for a logo for my website
i need a logo can you please design one for me
the name is skeNYX can u please design a logo for this name or just SX
i will be very grateful to you.
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1. Do you know how to make logos in other programs / animate them?

2. How much would it cost for you to make me a 3D design of a logo I already have?

3. How much would it cost (if any diffrence) to make a new logo for me, both 3D and normal style?

4. Do you accept paypal?

5. Do you take "logo privacy?" What I mean is that you and me will be the only one knowing about it's form. So I dont want it to be up in your portfolio etc.

I am intressted in your services, so please respond back to me ASAP.
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1. No, but I know someone who can

2. Well first of all it wouldn't be true 3D because my method is completely photoshop. If you wanted it that way it would be a minimum of $60 US

3. $120 and up depending on several factors

4. Yes

5. For it to be private, it would be a whopping extra load of cash, because it doesn't allow me to show it for job applications and to get new clients
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a real logo is vectorial, but for sure this is really beautiful!
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Actually, this is a vector. And yes, it can be resized into any size without quality loss :)
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you can do vector with toshop? Oo
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Yep, use the pen tool and custom shapes if you want, and you save it as Adobe EPS format. If you want, you can open that up in illustrator, too.
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thank you very much! I think I will buy toshop ^^
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Great idea, it's probably not as easy as it looks to make vectors, but it definitely can be done with no problems.

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great logo man! hey what program do you use to create the 3d effect?
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element953's avatar
wow! really nice work! =)
XxXFaNtA's avatar
ah i think i love every single logo you made lol
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what's the fuck? very good, verrrrrrrrry good!!!
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Im really looking forward the tutorial
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Nice designs. :) The look very slick.
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nice one! how much time you did this?
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thats pretty badass el :D....
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