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Ferrari Forums

Inspired by the Ferrari Enzo

100% Photoshop, Enzo pictures from Google images used as reference

Credit goes to Axertion for navigation.
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mest's avatar
i swear you've become so skilled doing glossy stuff. this is fantastic.

great detail.
El3ment4l's avatar
thanks dude, I won't be submitting much more I have school and stuff so if I do end up putting some stuff up, it will most likely be assignments which for now is mostly hand drawn stuff
cfdesign's avatar
ur alive :D
nice man i think you showed me a preview of it a loong time ago :p
wotron's avatar
Damn G thats some awesome shit. I havent seen anything from you in a while
Rushlord's avatar
Nice effects but I don't like the combination of colors.
ya6r's avatar
I ,also, gonna say the same thing :d Header is sharp and nice but the footer seems like a rush job! otherwise, nice piece of work/art!
Axertion's avatar
hahaha bro, got around to submitting this beast?! This was like a year ago or something XD. Good to see you're still alive :)

Does this mean we'll get to see more elemental amazingingness soon?
fossilized-zombies's avatar
damn, that's very impressive.
Sab0r's avatar
Hehe I remember this thing.. I also love the header. :D
coreper's avatar
very nice!
freshZ's avatar
very nice, when did your page be online ? :(
timsilva's avatar
Very cool design Eric. This is really 100% Photoshop?!? It looks like a manip, that's incredible.
Scott-Kane's avatar
very nice, nice highlights
theCasualties's avatar
Ohhh great job man, the header is so damn close to being uber sick. BBT has the right concept, tail lights, license plate... etc for the footer. Absolutly fantastic work bro :]
Asmodiel's avatar
did you think on coding this?

I think it could be nearly immpossible
Drugi's avatar
wooohoo i like it :)
GFXMAKE's avatar
wow nice to see something from u again :D
Suspect-15's avatar
agree with badboythemer =)
But some parts (especially header) are just amazing ;)
the footer is not as good as the header (a bit pale and I would make some vents or something :D I don't know :P)
EnzuDes1gn's avatar
everything looks hawt except for the grilled section in the footer .... it seems bare in there, what with the great details found in the header etc, maybe try adding something more, tail lights etc, or a number plate, that would be cool :D
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