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Sorry if i didnt answer messages for a while, i lost access to this for a bit.
Ill be taking commissions if anyone`s interested! i could also take some small work for games like animations and such.

More of her by El-Sato Valkyrie by El-Sato 10 days til oras by El-Sato
single character, simple bg : 25usd +15usd per extra character

comish for jade-rabbit by El-Sato Titans by El-Sato Commission : AID Team by El-Sato
Scene : 40+usd (depends on how crazy your scene idea is)

Fake sk comic page by El-Sato
Comic page BW : 40usd (i could add some shading in grays here too)

A very pyro halloween by El-Sato
Comic page color : 70-100usd

Charizard X by El-Sato Neptune by El-Sato
Sprites : 15usd

if you want animations or game assets note me with what you need, pricing those things is kinda tricky to make a list.

i accept only paypal, payment has to be upfront, note me and ill let you know if its something i can do! :P
This journal is a filler i dont really have anything to say except 2014 sucked and im glad its over :)
Also im alive, kinda
nothing just that we have a new (better) trailer :U

Hey, in the last few months ive been working with some people on this game called stardale thats having a kickstarter right now…
so yeah, take a look and consider contributing if youre into this kind of game :P
(oh im such a seller, nobody can resist my charm)
anyone has a fight type friend safari with mienfoo?
any other fight type will do appart from meditite and pancham wich i already have
or maybe a grass type with bulbasaur
mines a bit boring tho, poison type with seviper and i dont remember the other one there but whatever xD

anyways if you dont have those and you still want to add me go ahead and leave your code! mines 0404 6480 1196
Kill the pikakiri is available on the appstore, and its free, so yeah go give it a try!

full version coming soon!

get it here :…

click the pic to read the comic
check this tf2 comic from yours truly, promoting this cool item for the halloween update

go read it and of course, rate the item, becouse why not!!
trying to draw some snk fanart!
sk comish
drawing a quickie :>
im gonna finish a couple SK commissions

tho it seems like internet in general is being a dick so lets see how far i can go with this

hey thanks to all who bought a comish i got more than enough tails now xD
i said i was going to start on them last night but something came up and i NEED to finish some work like tonight or never
so yeah just letting you know ill start with them tomorrow! ill probably livestream the process so youll know when

ok i really want those prismatic cat tails and i need like a lot of them, but i dont feel like spending too much and i dont have like ANY ce or crowns cos i havent played for months (thats why i dont wanna spend much, i dont know if ill play for much longer, hopefully i will)

SO ill try this, ill make a few knights commissions in exchange for prismatic cat tails or the 3200 ce that they cost each! note me or something :>

just simple knights like what i usually do, im not taking more group pics or stuff like that, it takes way too much time

stuff like this : 

Cool! by El-Sato

in the strange case that you still wanna use actual money, its 10 bucks, thats cheap man!

me and a few friends opened a public minecraft serv
come visit!
i was drawing something so why not, join if you want o:
coloring a comish :>
in case anyone`s interested ill keep the 15usd commissions open :B
just dont abuse asking for extra complex stuff xD
something like this is fine :
Filia by El-Sato Demo by El-Sato Ice King by El-Sato

complex backgrounds or extra characters for example add a lot of work, also im not including pixel art or animations, that just takes too much time to be worth it, also i find drawings more fun to do than pixel art xD
i forgot to share this here, is something ive been working on for a few months :>

its a comic for an ios game soon to be released, i just drew the comic and worked on a few assets for the game, :iconlumaga: did the comic covers

there`s two chapters online and more to come soon o: