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Conception Wallpaper

I've finally got around to looking at some of my messages and there was a fair bit of interest in a wallpaper version of [link] so I put this pack together :)

Stocks used were from :iconresurgere: and stock.xchng [link]

Sizes in the .zip are:

1600 x 1200
1400 x 1050
1280 x 1024
1280 x 960
1152 x 864
800 x 600
© 2008 - 2021 El-Nombre
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This is insanely good. I'm inspired by it. Do you mind if I use it as a WordPress background? Just stunning. Mind Blown. 
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I believe that quite a few people have just gone ahead and used it as they like so thank you so much for asking! And of course you're welcome to use it :)
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May I use this to promote dA and your profile? :) Its fabulous!
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Thank you very much and please feel free to use it as you see fit :)
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Thank you very much :) I am trying to get some of my other artist friends to check out dA and when I saw that fabulous art by you I thought, 'They'd love it!'. :) I appreciate it and I'll make sure to add a link to your site/page and note your the artist. Thank you again. :)
nice broooooo.....
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This is very eye-catching! May I please use it on this site: I will fully credit you and show you the finish product:)
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Nice1 the concept and looks great as a background.
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Thank you very much :D
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stunning concept! :aww:
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There are a huge number of fantastic wallpapers in there, thank you so much for thinking mine was good enough to show :peace:
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you're welcome!
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So, this is awesome.

I've had it as my desktop background for about a month now.

And I also made it the wallpaper on my cell phone.

Very nice indeed.
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That's amzing art. I really love it!! WOW, cant stop to be astonished. ;) It is so accurate. Thanks for sharing!!!!!111oneone
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No problem, thank you for commenting! :D
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Oh, would you look at that... Somehow, that image has appeared on my Desktop...

Awesome, mate, thank you.
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Awesome concept, and amazingly executed. :D
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Thanks for giving me this wonderful wallpaper:D
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cool man :) Love the blue lightning look alike thingys
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Very beautiful. :3
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