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Last warmth before the dusk...

It is interesting how circumstances, clothes and state of mind can alter your perceptions. While being in the forest I really started to feel like if I would dive into the Guild Wars realm. Sharpened senses, the wind playing with my hairs, unnaturally dulcet songs of birds, distant smells of the sea mixed with the heady scent of the forest... It felt so real, and yet too unusual! My movements felt adjusted to the character from the game - precise, balanced and well coordinated. I bet that it helped me a lot while running and climbing in the forest in the Assassin's armour and on the high heels... 

I am curious how would it feel if we would proceed with the photo session till the moment when the night would take over and the darkness would dwell in the depths of the forest...

Model, makeup, stylization: Dante Heks
Photographer: Wild Caesar
Outfit creator: Mary-Ann's Workshop

More photos and stories are already available on my Patreon <3
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Canon EOS 750D
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Jun 17, 2018, 4:17:37 PM
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A GLOW (Gorgeous Lady Of the World)
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impressive. :nod:

To answer your question... the night is cold and the morning is wet... so in this dress you would just feel... very uncomfortable. ;)
The short moment of rising darkness would be fine... but the beauty of you and your dress would vanish with the light...
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Depends on the fire that could warm and give the light and... Plenty of other 'modern technological pleasantries' that can spread the light in the darkness... 😉
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That costume is incredible and talk about finding a perfect spot and grabbing a perfect moment to capture this shot!
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probably the best way to get killed in the forest
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Deadly and sexy. :) 
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What forest is that?  We don't have dark forests here in Cali, but Oregon has some amazing dark forests.
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This forest is located in Gdansk, Poland. Beautiful place! It could look like a fairytale or like a nightmare - depends on the weather and time...
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It looks absolutely beautiful.  How is poland.  Comfortably warm in the summer?  Is it still comfortable hiking through forests in the summer or is it cold since it's a dark forest and not much sun hits you?
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In general, it is much colder in Northern Poland. Baltic sea affects the weather a lot, daily.
Nevertheless, on the day of the photo session, it was +30°C so it was even too hot, as for my taste. ^_^
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30°C?????  You're lucky!!!!  Where I'm at, it gets as high as 40°C!!!!  Think of the kind of misery you'd be in if you lived here.

What's your ideal temp?  30C is actually perfect to me.  The location I want to move to would actually be 30C is summer and I can't wait!
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I prefer colder temperatures, +22°C is great for me. Also, I can feel fine when it riches +28°C. Higher temperatures can be tolerated when there is a warm sea nearby or a swimming pool (In my case) 😉 
JosephSelahJr's avatar
You are speaking my language!  30C is a perfect summer for me.  For those days that I want a little warmth.  But otherwise, I like a little chill in the air.  I like that border, right before you need a jacket.  Where it's cold but not quite cold enough to be a problem.

You have a swimming pool?  I used to!   When I was a kid.  It was my favorite thing... until I got older and my dad made me clean it every week.  Then...then I didn't love it so much.
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I live in the apartment so - no swimming pool ̅\()/̅
Anyway, summer is rather cold in this region so it is bearable. 
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Lovely shot and pose, although I feel that your face and torso are over-exposed (photographically!) and this detracts from it a little for me.
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I liked it because it makes this shot distinctively different from the others. Somehow more fairytale alike... ^_^
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gorgeous. And the outfit is so accurate to the one in game.
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Thank you.
The seamstress made a great job!
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