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A bit of misbehavior....

Model  Dante HeksLocation  Colorado, USA
"I make my way in the world - I misbehave..." The notion of misbehaviour is a tricky one. Some time ago it was well defined but now many things became hazy. I guess that the question is not as much about what it means to misbehave but about what are you misbehaving against...
In my case I don't like boredom, don't like when people call wrong things or deeds right and pretending that it's normal, don't like when someone abuses others and gets away with it as no one says a word, don't like discrimination, especially when people who are doing something developing or beautiful and kind are being criticized for that just because it reminds others that they could have been better as well but they decided to follow degrading and easy ways, I can't stand injustice that is veiled under the diplomatic form of "Common good"... I guess that there are many things that can be irritating - the question is how should we deal with them?
Some people just try to live through it all believing that nothing can be changed. Such a cruel notion it is! Because if the majority shares this idea nothing would ever change, indeed, as there is a lingering certainty that this unpleasant and bad reality is the only one we have...
We can change it - each of us in a different way. It all starts from a wise, aimed at certain goal idea of misbehaviour that can break the circle of the mental limitations. When this idea turns into action our life gets way more exciting and colourful. After all, life is too beautiful to go through it playing unpleasant games and obeying the rules you don't like 😉

Model: Dante Heks(EL-LY)
Photographer: Wild Caesar
It was a real pleasure to pose in this outfit created by Vide Noir couture
Metal claws: Lory Sun artistry
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Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
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1/32 second
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26 mm
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May 9, 2020, 3:01:13 PM
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Flawless face/figure!!!

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Marvelous outfit with a great color pallet to go.
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Beautiful and deadly😎
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The photo is superb as always and your outfit suits you very well :love:

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Thank you! I really love this attire and the flintlock ^^

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Pirates at your cabin door?wild shot.need another so we can see those amazing legs please 🙏🏽
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haha, thank you! I'm posting way more often on my Instagram ;)

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I’m going to have to get back on the gram!
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I wasn't a big fan of this platform but currently people are using it a lot so... It is worth 'being there' XD

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Wow Eleonora, one of your best without doubt! Wow!
And a profound statement to go with it, with which I agree wholeheartedly! Clap 
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Thank you! I really like this shot as well ^^

I'm glad to know that there are people who actually read what I write. I always have tones of ideas for the articles, poetry or books I'm writing from time to time. Alas, nowadays reading that provoke thinking or require constant attention to details is not that popular... I see it the most on Instagram, where the majority of people comment on the photos/visual content than on the text. They both go together though, so I'm a bit surprised that people prefer to get only half of the potential expression, possible knowledge and inspiration ̅\(ツ)/ ̅

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Yes, we live in a world of instant gratification, and an image gives us that immediately, whereas reading takes a little more effort! As someone who likes to give a good description with my submissions (too much some might say!) I always make the effort to read what an artist has to say about their work. As you say, it can provide an insight that you would never get from just the photograph or painting.
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