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20 Lace and Fishnet Patterns

All patterns are transparent so a underlaying colored layer will be still visible. The patterns come in black but you can invert the color or colorize the layer with the pattern to change that ^.^
The patterns come together in a zip folder, so unpack the files, then install them here: C\Programms\Gimp2.0\share\gimp\2.0\pattern
The files r .pat files
Have fun and show me what u made with them! n__n
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Where do I find it once installed? I'm using Gimp 2.8

Perfect love it thanks😂😁😍🤩🤣😆

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It says the pattern files are bad or corrupted!
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Can't wait to try them. Thanks again.
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These look amazing!! I'll be using them off site, but I'll credit and link back here. Thank you so much! <3
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Omg thank you so much! 
I Use I love  Thank you! 

How to post what I have done with your patterns?
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Hey! thanks for sharing your patterns with us. Hug Use your stock
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Thank you dear ^_^ your work is absolutely lovely <3
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Thank you! 
thank you so much
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Great patterns , thanks for sharing...
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Good works , i have used your patterns here:
Thanks so much La la la la ;p
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Here is another pair of lace pants for men I created for IMVU using your fabulous patterns. Love how they came out, thank you again!

Lace for Men:…
Lace for Men V2:…

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You're welcome, looks great! :meow:
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I love you so much right now. This is a life saver.
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Merry Christmas! and thank you so much for sharing your fantastic work with us... Here is what I did with your Lace & Fishnet Patterns:…
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Great work! And thank you so much for sharing!

Here is what I did on IMVU using some of your Fishnet Patters:

Hot Boxers Black:…
Hot Boxers Blue:…
Hot Boxers Violet:…
Hot Boxers Red:…
Hot Boxers Orange:…

Thanks again, and Happy Holidays!
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Thanks :) Can't wait to try out
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I love it very beautiful work, i cant wait to work with it :3
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I'd like it if you could somehow transfer these to photoshop?
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