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Band Silhouette HighRes

I needed Silhouettes of a Band for a Website, so I made them.

The Brushes are >1600dpi
Fav it fav it fav it fav it fav it :-)

because of some questions about the license:
1. You can share it everywere, I don't care if it is only on deviantart or the whole web!
2. You can Manipulate it as you like
3. This is my work, so don't tell someone it's yours ;)
4. If you use it somewhere (on your webpage or devitations) please give a link back to this page.
5. If you publish your work, it must be published under the CC share alike license, otherwise contact me, we'll find a way everyone's happy with :-)
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Hi Alexander! A client of mine would like to use one of these silhouettes as part of a logo for a drum competition. Web use and promotional flyers etc. Obviously, we cannot credit you so we need to know if this is OK and if you require payment?
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1 The Radio Star by doclicio  used here thanks :-)
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Used your Great Stock Here:

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Thank you very much,I am also looking for a fiddler silhouette, to make a fiddler on the roof composition. Do you happen to have one, I can not seem to find such brush. Thanks again.
Very Nice Brushes... Thanks Dude..
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thanks for sharing a product of your talent and/or skill! :)
we appreciate it. :D

I'm a teacher in charge of a harmonica band in a Singapore school, and we would like your permission to use your silhouette of the female singer in our artwork for our concert booklet, for our coming public concert in school. We are going to paste a harmonica in her hand, and we are going to give the booklet away for free.

Your permission to use your artwork will be much appreciated!
Hi. Thanks for sharing your lovely band shilloettes.
I'd love to use just one of the shiloettes please, in a community festival logo I’m creating.

(it would be used amongst other graphics/ shilloetes surrounding a heart)

The only thing is i can't reference your name/ link anywhere near the logo as it'll be used as it's own identity on tshirts & letter heads.
I'm doing this completely voluntarily, so i get no payment from it at all.

I can give credit in flyers & posters but not right next to the logo itself.
Please let me know if I can use the graphic..

Thank you
Thank you!!!!!
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I used these here ==> [link]
thank you very much
Thanks a lot ! Used a silhouette here.

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Thank you a ton(:
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Killer in extreme, your brushes. Extreme Thanks To You...
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How can I use these for print since I can't link back to you?? Please contact me. Thank You!
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can I use your Brushes for our Music School Logo? I will credit you in our Flyer and on our Website. It´s only a question. I wouldn´t use them without your Permission :)

Thank You !
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I used this here:
Thank you!
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