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Saitama Fanart, :D (Big Grin)  I just wanted to have fun with this great character, with one of the gang face showing in the opening haha, hope you like and fun too :) (Smile) .


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damn this is good! absolutely love it! :heart:

Haven't seen one punch man this worked up except losing to King in video games...still, great job!

Darkangel1234124's avatar

love the art great job


AdvanceRun's avatar
you captured that perfect just about . cool.
Vasilivros's avatar
Ouch, my face hurts, pliz don't hit me T_T
hooksnfangs's avatar
Hahahah awesome work on Saitama. Gotta love the stuff at the corners!
catname's avatar

You even make a joke in the corner! It's perfect!^^

FlareEmerald77's avatar
One....One Punch!?! DAMMIT!!!!!!!!
InfiniteRespect's avatar
That face doe XD

From zero to FUCK in OH SHIT seconds
Stormrazor's avatar
This is SOOOOOOOOOOO badass!! lol
NesFX's avatar
This is extremely dynamic!
joeFJ's avatar
Mihoshi5's avatar
Fantastic art :la:
LadySaitama's avatar
Pfffffffffffffffffff hahahah I see Captain Falcon and Aang x,DDD

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Saitama: :love: You done amazing job!! Love it!
doraralk's avatar
VanManaez's avatar
super serious paaawnch
TheShadowscale's avatar
Amazing art of games, anime, fantasy (especially dragons)...How have I not found you sooner?!
renkomo's avatar
Cool! Force is great! Saitama!Saitama!Love Heart 
sav8197's avatar
te quedo genial
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