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Good Ghost

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Art made in procreate, I will continue working on it.
A present to my beloved  :icondasgnomo: !
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So Again thank you grimlock ,You made my day after such an disappointing season 
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Sorry I didn't added any comments before about the shows lack of ....well everything it's just a terrible season , But I'm glad to see this beautiful work of art fan thats trying to show a different perspective of what it would have been nice to see Than what they've given us. a rush job that killed the show 
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scenery better then the show
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Great work!! :0
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Beautiful work! This is totally what should have happened. Thanks for painting this.
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Fantastic art :la:
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Awesome truly amazing work 
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Awesome artwork of Snow!🖤💜🖤
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That's how it should have been. I really love the pose, the shading, and the topic of this artwork! :la:

I still can't get over how bad the writing has gotten in the recent season of GoT.

Sure I'll watch it to the end, but damn...=__=;
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Así tenía que haber sido T_T

Ley CHolito pal jon esnouu!!
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Glad Ghost made it, I was gonna be so piss off if he died off screen, luckily didn't, awesome tribute.
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Oh my god! I love this moment. Thank you for drawing it!
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Yes! This needed to be in the show.
Maybe we will still get this scene? :P
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I can't believe he gave Ghost away...
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;_; he's the goodest of bois......

I'm not crying...

Is just....the rain....
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"We didn't have the budget left to do it"

Fuck you, you could have easily made it work. Jesus Christ... 
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I second this, scre* them!

The recent season is just a bundle of cheap excuses. Rather looks like that they weren't interested in their own series anymore since they got the deal with Star Wars.
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