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Captain Marvel and Miracleman

Esta imagen fue colaboración para mis amigos de la revista
Comikaze, publicación dedicada a la historieta, visiten su página definitivamente recomendada [link]
Me gusto mucho hacer esta ilustración XD,
Wacon, photoshop,
espero les agrade.

---Facebook group Link--- [link]

---Cursos de Ilustración Digital (México DF) ---- [link]

----Video Tutorial : Painting a Dragon --- [link]

Foro con tutoriales en español-- [link]
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Never did get over that lawsuit, didja, MM?
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I think MM would envy Captain Marvel; he's still an innocent kid named Billy Batson who still has all his friends, while Miracleman/Michael Moran lost his wife and at least two members of his family (and Kid Miracleman went insane...hoo, boy, did Kid Miracleman go insane...).
Anyone who thinks Captain Marvel is a ripoff of Superman needs to learn that concept is backwards.

Superman not only stole his flight, invulnerability, and so much more from Captain Marvel, but he is the ultimate 'One-Upper'. If someone has a power that is cooler then him, he has to have a 'Super' version, just to be better, and has been doing it for over half a century of power stealing.

Original Powers:
Leap a Tall Building in a single bound (Roughly, at the time, leap a quarter of a mile)
Faster then a Speeding Bullet (Can Run just over Mach 1)
More Powerful then a Locomotive (Push or Pull about 10 Tons, lift about 2 tons... enough to carry an automobile over his head)

Ooo, Flash is Faster... look Mach 1 became lightspeed or faster
Captain Marvel is Invulnerable and can fly, Well Superman can do that better...
Batman has Hunches, well then Superman has Super Hunches (Not kidding, he has Super Hunches)
Calculator (a villain) is good at math, well then Superman must have Super Mathematics which is so good it adds an extra decimal place.
Hey, some woman can weave, Superman has to have Super Weaving.
Hey, the Martian Manhunter has shapeshifting and mental powers, then Superman has Super Mind Reading, Super Hypnosis, Super Shapeshifting, Super Force of Will which allows him to control other people's bodies, Super Makeup, and Super Amnesia Kisses
Hey, wait, Captain Marvel has Enhanced Senses, then since Superman hasn't stolen enough from Earth's Mightiest Mortal, he needs Super Senses too
Hey, Martian Manhunter has a special energy projection eyebeam, then Superman needs Heat Ray Vision
Hey, Heat Ray Vision alone isn't good enough, Flash can do crazy Friction tricks, Superman needs Super Friction.

This is a short list, Superman has had, and still gets any power that he wants, when he wants it. He even has Super Magic Powers, cause Superman couldn't leave magic to wizards and sorcerers, that is just how Superman rolls, buy being a ripoff of anyone and everyone.
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You know Superman LOST most of his random ass powers after the first 'Crisis' even, right? 


Now, as far as I know, his powers are the super vision, X-ray vision, heat vision, strength, speed, flight, and super hearing. 

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LOL. So freakin' true.
If anything, superman copied Captain Marvel ( specially because Cap was kicking his ass in comic sales).
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Lol I love this comment.
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Awesome. Great work! love Captain Marvel
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Nice one.

Man I loved the Marvelman (Miracleman) original stories, really dark and realistic.
This looks amazing. Great job. As far as Captain Marvel being a Superman rip-off. Interesting how Superman didn't fly until AFTER Captain Marvel did, Superman didn't get Lex Luthor (a bald mad scientist) until AFTER Dr. Sivana and There was never a Supergirl or Superboy until AFTER Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr. And yes Marvelman (miracleman) might be a Captain Marvel rip-off, but Alan Moore did so much more with the character. This is a case where the basis of the character isn't as important as the content of the comic stories.
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who are they?
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Superman rip-offs. One of whom now actually gets to share the same universe as Superman, which only makes him seem more like a rip-off.
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Except Cap can kick Superman's ass, and now has his own style of stories.

Also, Superman is a Jon Carter of Mars rip-off.
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Yes to the first part, unfamiliar with the second part, but I DO know that he is partially based off of another comic. Yes, he's not original either, but he is the one that stuck with people.
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Superman apparently found his current set up (Alien who comes to earth, gets super powers) based on a very popular Sci-fi story at the time, called Jon Carter of mars, where a man goes to mars and gets Super strength for reasons I can't remember.
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Gravity. Which, of course, was the original reason that Superman was stronger than most people on Earth. Yeah, that's a bit of a rip-off.
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Yeah, in the golden age he only had the powers of strength, jumping high, and running fast. And then the superman cartoon of the forties got lazy and said he could fly, since they didn't want to animate him running.
Actually, the flying was because the radio Serial couldn't make a sound for jumping, so they came up with the *woosh* for flying and the catch phrase, "Look, up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's Superman" to let the listeners know he was flying.
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Aye. 'Tis very sad. Since now he's incredibly overpowered.
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amazing piece man,hey i wanted to print this on my wall (but i need a higher res version,could you send one my way (if its not too much to ask) i can give ya my email:)
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Sorry, I have no idea why I said that-lol. I really love your pic!
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Me gusta mucho como te quedó la imagen. Tiene un aire a first thunder muy groso! Es genial verlos a los dos juntos, son las dos caras de la moneda ^^
Vi que a miracleman lo van a reeditar los de marvel. Comenzaron con lo clásico, hay que ver cuanto hay que esperar para lo de Moore y Gaiman ^^
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