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Fur Brushes

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So as I was cleaning my presets I found these. I made them about a month or two ago. Let's you make somewhat decent looking fur quickly (pic related). Experiment with sizes and brushoptions for best effects.

Thought this might be helpful to some. Have fun with them.


More brushes and other resources here: [link]
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Thank you so much

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perfecto, gracias!

thank you so much

It wont let me download the brushes ( there is no link to download it):(

Hello, I downloaded these brushes, not sure if, or how I might use them.
None the less, thank you for making them available. Should I use them in a project,
I will certainly credit you and also post the work that I used them in. Thanks again.
All the best,
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Hello, how do you download this? I clicked the download button and I don't know what to do after
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These are brushes for Photoshop. Open Photoshop, select the brush, pencil or eraser tool and open the brush settings. Click "Load brushes" and select the file you downloaded here in the explorer. 

Unfortunately I don't know if - or if how - they work in other programms. 

Hope this was useful to you. :)
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Oh, sorry, I use SAI, not Photoshop :c
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Thank you! This is helping me a lot!
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YAY! You're welcome! Have fun! :D
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I really love this brushes. I use them for my horse paintings. Especially the "Sampled Brush 6 3"
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Nice brush set
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I'm going to try your brushes and thank you
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Thank you so much. These are amazing. 
I'm actually finding a couple of 'em useful for particularly messy hair.
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Does it work with photoshop elements 11 or CS2 ?
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Since it's an ABR file, it works with pretty much any Photoshop~
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Thank you for making these(the smudge tool wasn't working out well)! :hug:
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