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...and thus the war begins.

If you are a fan of much of anything at all, feel free to fill out this meme. Also reply here or drop me a note with the link, so I can add yours to the collection: [link]

I might make a list here, too. :nod:

Here is my (first) filled out version: [link]
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I think I'm gonna do this in text, if that's okay.
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I hope it's okay, but I have done this!
Thanks for a nice meme! ;D
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I'd be interested in doing this meme. But I can barely draw (I can doodle a lame helicopter and a feather and that's about it), so could I fill it out with text?
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Yay!! Ok, it's all done now ;)

Here is a link: Tada!
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I'll make a Mario one : D
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AWESOME! Tell me once you're done! I browsed though your gallery, but didn't find it, so I assume you didn't make one, yet. ^^
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Ich hab zwar seit Ewigkeiten keinen Zeichenstift mehr in der Hand gehalten aber ich fühle grad das absurd dringende Bedürfnis das Ding auszufüllen...^^
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Thank you so much! You must've spend an eternity on that! It's just... wow. AWesome. I hope it wasn't a bother :blush:
DAMN! And Kenshin ROCKS!
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:) mine don't look so pretty, but here is :: [link]
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I think it does look pretty. :D Looks like you had fun with it :D
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maybe i should fill out this one as well :D
we`ll see when i have the time thou... =3

fandom can be catgirls, valkyries or succubuses (i must choose 1 of those 3 :roll: ) as well right? i see you chose wrestlers ;p

or maybe i should choose Berserk or Battle Angel Alita...? we`ll see :nod:
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Fandom can be anything you would call fandom! Do whatever you like to do! ...and if you can't decide which you'd like to do you can always do more than one *wink wink* :D
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Lawls.. I might fill this out and post. XD
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Sadly, I'll have to wait til summer when I get some free time from school/work D:
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NP, just don't forget it ;D
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