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Lady in gray

Here s my "first" piece made with illustrator. At first, the image lady was in Red but the color was too much of a distraction.
The red color was too much agressing... so i made it in "gray/bleu" and white.... hope you guys like it

I still need alot of practice with Illustrator so , if you have any advice , it will be appreciated.

And ... I stille need alot of practice with my english too hehe :P

Any comments, suggestions ?
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Merci man.

J'adore Lady in Grey puis Blue Stef.
Icy Demon c'est cool en esti. hehe un p'tit jeux d'mots.
LoL i accidentaly replyed to your message to myself instead of you.

Ciao man!
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this one's hella cool :]
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you do very nice vector work. sweet.
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I love the colors in this.
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well hehe...thank you very much :)
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I really like the purple on black. Very elegant. :thumbsup:
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Joliiiie ;)
J'aime beaucoup les couleurs...
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wew..the first hunting......
the beautiful illustration
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i love this!! and the i guess the gray/blue color suits it more
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hey this is great. esp if u say its ure first! i m always a sucker for colours like this. heehee =)
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heh, thanks :) what? noob gallery? I don't thik so :o these are great! this it just a bit diffrent art than mine :) but great ones I think :p
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awesome work... the shadows are really beautiful :D
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non mais c'est cool! Tant que l'image est belle, ta technique devient moins importante... quoi que... des fois ça peut dépaner d'avoir des p'tits trucs.... 'fin bon.. bonne job! :)
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Geez! You're new to Illustrator and you produced *this*? Serious thumbs up to you! I love the flowing quality of the shapes...has kind of an unearthly sci-fi-fantasy vibe to it. :) In short, cool piece.
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i like this very much! i tried to work with illustrator, too but didn't get such a good result! as my english teacher said in former times - well done!

i think your english is ok - i could understand you very well!

can you give some advice how to practise with illustrator? i just tried to make a similar pic but didn't did that well as you. do you know some good titorials?

best wishes...
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this is really beautiful, the face is kind of haunting
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this done in illustrator!? wow impressive. You have done far more that I have tried to do with Illustrator. this piece is beautiful!
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DAMN... :jawdrop: thats INCREDIBLE!!!
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Very nicely done! and nice english XD :D
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