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Next tutorial: 1/12 cooking scene

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 15, 2014, 1:40 PM

Hello :)

Just wanted to let you know that there's a new tutorial available at my blog, this time I'm teaching you how to make 1/12 churros plus how to put together the scene to give a feeling of still life to this miniature project.
Comments, suggestions or questions are always welcome.

Tutorial availble here:…


The most requested option was "how to make a small cooking scene". The tutorial is going to be ready next Saturday :)

Thanks for voting!!


Other available tutorials:

*The basics about polymer clay
*Hot chocolate and pink doughnuts
*Brownies with nuts


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15% discount at my Etsy shop!!

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 8, 2013, 4:22 PM

Just wanted to let you all know that I'm having 15% discount on purchases over 20 USD during the month of January! YAY! so go take a look and see if there's something you'd like! *****And recieve a secret gift!****. PLus any box and receive a pair of 925 sterling silver earrings with cute decorations!

Just use the code and the discount is automatic when you complete your purchase.

Follow the link to my shop here:…

And if you want to put a thunb up or comment on my creations pls visit my FB page here:…

Or ... check my blog! for ideas, tips and more!…

Thank you all for your support!


Halloween journal

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 26, 2013, 7:09 AM

So my fav night of the year is coming :) The best horror movies are shown on tv, and I'm going to be off from work. Sounds perfect for me! LOL, and add that I have 3 gorgeous black cats is good ;)

Anyways! I'm soon going to have a line of 1/12 dollhouse miniature Halloween related artwork posted here and for sale at my Etsy shop, pumpkins and books, preparation boards, some furniture, cauldrons, potions, scrolls, food ... all the things a witch may need to have her home well equiped for the upcoming Samhaim ;).

I'm going to post soon the artwork mentioned above, and I'm considering the idea of a giveaway, YAY!

See you soon, or I should say; write your soon!


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Book commissions and custom orders are open

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 7, 2013, 3:37 AM


This entry is going to be about special commissions (in case some of you out there are wondering about them).
Here's a small guide so as to give you an idea of how this works, if you have questions pls go ahead and send me a note ;)

-my books are not re prints (unless asked to do so) of other books, meaning that I don't just scan and put together. I like the creative process when designing something specially made even if it takes a bit more time.

-I do mostly functional books (which open like real ones) and living books. This doesn't mean that I'm not open to suggestions! If you're looking for a "hidden potion" book, then that can be arranged. I love challenges!

-Your book is going to be unique, and I'm going to include a COA signed by me –Certificate of Authenticity- with your purchase.

-In order to start working in a custom piece, I'm going to ask info about what you have in mind such us the theme, art, aging/or not, if you'd like to be just a book or a piece of jewelry and so on.

-the price depends on the kind of artwork you'd like it to have, it's not the same to have it all printed than doing the artwork by hand, but this is up to you, your preference. It also depends on the amount of pages you'd like your book to have, covers design … embellishments … etc

-the price includes shipment BUT not tax/vat.
-the payment goes like this: half before starting and the other half when I let you know that it's ready to be shipped.
-I only accept payment under the form of money (through PAYPAL)

Thank you for reading!

Skin by *xXTokyoGirlXx
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Hello everyone!

My commercial FB page… has reached 201 likes! YAY!! So I'd like to share my happyness with you by doing a 25% sale on 2 of my fav pieces:

Fairy Bed (which got a DD :love: recently)…


Alice in Wonderland bedroom…

Both pieces are here in my gallery!

If you want to leave some comments, you're very welcome! thumbs up on FB, welcome too! LOL

Hugs to all and thank you!! :huggle::huggle:
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"Fairy bed" has got a DD, it's my 2nd one. It was totally unexpected, it's been a while since i was around and then i see 500 something msgs and i was emmm what? WHAT A SURPRISE!!!! I think my neighbours heard me walking around like nuts LOL ...

To all of you who faved it, commented it and left some love on my little humble creation, I thank you very much :huggle::huggle:

Hugs to all of you sweeties!!!
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My Etsy store is open, come by and take a look :)


And if you're nice ... leave some love on my Facebook page!…

Thank you all

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I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!! MY 1ST DD!!! :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:

I've just woke up, and this is what i find!! *WAAAAAAAAA*!!!!!! I'm extra extra happy for it!

Thanks soooo much and for looking at my work and giving me this honor :huggle::huggle::huggle:.

To all of you who chose this as a fav,  thanks a lot!!! also for the comments, questions .... i learn from your feedback!

Huge hug! :huggle:

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2. YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (first 3 letters of real name plus izzle)
Angizzle (sounds like a washing machine soap brand!)

3. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (fav color and fav animal)
Blue cat

4. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first)
Sanan (wt ....??)

5. YOUR SUPERHERO NAME: (Your 2nd favorite color, and favorite drink)
Red tea (lol, it is forbidden to laugh villains!!)

6. YOUR IRAQI NAME: (2nd letter of your first name, 3rd letter of your last name, first two letters of your middle name, last two letters of your first name then last three letters of your last name)
Nnrana (again, wt ...???)

7. YOUR WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (both parents middle name)
Raquel Daniel (at least sounds like a name, lolz)

8. YOUR GOTH NAME: (black, and the name of one of your pets)
Black Priscilla

9. NINJA NAME: (First two letters of your first name added with Ruto)
AnRuto (more Lolz!)

10. PIRATE NAME: (Your middle name after the word Captain)
Captain R .... (hell no! i can't!)
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I guess the subject says everything but, i'm going to be more detailed ;)

As you see, i'm very into making mini/little books lately, also adding them into a scene matching the books' subject.
This new series of books is called "books of darkness", and into this theme; vampires, creatures of the night, from world folklore are going to be the stars. It's going to be fun and interesting also to make a small scene to put them :):)

Hope you like it :la::la:!

I could add thanks for faving, commenting and giving opinion on my work, but specially for taking the time to look at it and give me your opinion, this means a lot to me 'cos allows me to improve and become a better artist.

Thanks and see you soon.
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From time to time i work on this project i have in mind, it's a mini 1/12 scale shop but not at all conventional.
So, i thought it'd be a good idea to art trade small mini items with other talented people around :) so far i have one of the characters living there, a very very nice doll made by steffi786 , check her work 'cos she makes very nice things!.

Those of you interested in art trading with me, just send me a note and we can talk about it.

See you around & good luck :)
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Hi everybody :)

I just wanted to tell you that, i'm going to be working on my 1st tutorial.
My mini "Making an afternoon snack" got so many lovely comments and more than one person asked me how i did it. So, this tutorial is going to be about the making of it.

Why this piece? the answer is simple; i used other elements than fimo; there's "glass" made of plastic, and no liquid fimo but, a mix made using ... other things ;).
My point guys is; here in Argentina we can buy mini stuff imported from the US and the UK at just 1 store ... imagine how expensive is to buy there! so, it's more fun and creative to make it yourself if possible, a way to train your creativity and imagination.

So, in a couple of days hopefully, this tutorial is going to be here.
I can't wait to see if it was useful to someone, if you learned something new ;)

As usual, thank you for watching me, faving me, commenting and giving feedback. It makes me not just happy, but want to keep on making what i love the most :) *BIIIG HUG!!*


A couple of hours later ....

I've just uploaded the tutorial =) i couldn't wait *lol*.
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2 entries in 1 day, that's too much for me ;)
But i had to write about it, i dind't have an avatar until today :) when gemdedude made this one for me!! isn't it cute?? it resumes many things i like; glow & glitter, night, dim light, the moon (no guys, i'm not a vampire ...just sort of =P)
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Hi there !!

It's a beautiful sunny day, even if it's autumn in Southamerica (i like its colors but not the cold =P) and i'm having breakfast while looking for amazing pieces around.

As usual, i want to thank all the people who faved me, or added me to their watch list. It's nice to have feedback, so far it's been positive and if a negative answer shows up regarding a piece i've made, it's welcome too :) everything contributes *ying yang girl*

If curiosity killed the cat ... don't ask about me then =P, even when i like to check new pieces to add to my favs or comment or congratulate someone for a great job! i always check the gallery, and the favs it has got.
And let me tell you people, i'm so impressed about the different talents i've seen so far ... my fav gallery grows all the time =), so many of you are an inspiration!!

See you around guys!!

PS: promise to make a tutorial about miniatures soon :)
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Hello everybody ;)

Yesterday i went to show to my teachers the last project in order to graduate, and i did it very well!
I'm soooo happy that i finished my career! and now, i want to enjoy my time off from school and focus on the mini making, books and painting ... the things i love doing the most.

There're going to be more pieces uploaded, so check back soon. I take my time to make high quality pieces and this process takes time.
Anyways, thanks to everytbody for the comments and opinions, they are helpful ;)

See you around guys,
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Hi everybody!
It's been so long since i wrote an entry in my journal =P sryyy!

Well, 5 days ago i got sick, meaning i can't go to work = staying home = doing a lot with my time! This is the part i like; when i can sit down and the ideas, the inspiration comes to me, no need to force it like when you're rushing all day long, and later you want to actually do something creative but it gets late and you end up preparing your clothes for the following day. It's pure ying-yang, still, some days at home dedicated to do what i love the most, are welcome :)

Lately, i've started receiving so many comments and questions about my work, before i continue writing, i want to say to all of you THANK YOU!, and please continue checking, or if you have questions about the works i make; they're welcome.

See you around guys!
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Hi everybody!
It's been a busy day uploading/submiting all my work here.
It's great to be among such a group of talented people, really.

My name's Angelina and i'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm 30 years old at the moment, soon 31.
I'm about to graduate as a Set Designer soon, so that's why you'll notice so many costumes and characters related to theater/ballet/opera plays.
Art has been in my life since i was able to crawl and grab a crayon LOL, I'm self taught and the knowledge i got from university helped me improve in many areas.
I love fantasy art; horror/fantasy movies, Tim Burton's creations (specially The nightmare before christmas and Alice in wonderland). My other passion is reading; i consider it a source of ideas, inspiration.

I'm a very sociable person and like making new friends when it's possible =). I speak 4 languages in case someone wants to communicate in another language: spanish (my mother language), italian and at the moment i'm learning swedish.

Be welcome to my gallery -also my blog- enjoy, comment and let me know what you think from my work.

See you soon :)
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Hi everybody! This is the 1st time i write something here. I've been looking for the right name to have and finally i've found it! =)
I'm going to be uploading my stuff during this days, so a lot of work to do still.

Kiss kiss and see you guys!
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