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That morning

By EKukanova
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Aegnor and Andreth

fragment- ekukanova.deviantart.com/art/T…

inspired by "Atrabeth Finrod ah Andreth" by Tolkien
gouache and watercolours on paper, 90x73cm

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May 4, 2015, 11:34:39 AM
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I have searched for you ever since I have first saw this picture. It is so touching and beautiful that it breaks my heart. I feel the spring wind, I hear Andreth's laughter. I see how the clouds pass before the Sun and I breathe the air. This picture LIVES.

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Thank you for telling me of your impression! truly appreciate!

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so beautiful it makes me want to weep Waaaah! 
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I've been watching your work for many years but hardly leave any messages..but it don't mean I do never love you, your work always helps me recover myself piece by piece somehow from tough reality. Maybe someday I can draw again with a fully recovered heart. That may thank to you for a part.
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Your work is inspiring and lovely! The emotion in this piece is magnificent! 
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Oh my their smile how happy they are 😍😍😍😍
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They are must have something for remember...
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Лена, к вопросу о "плагиате" и "общем инфопространстве". Я тут задумала перерисовать этот ужас filat.deviantart.com/art/Fingo… и вот теперь сижу думаю, ну елыпалы, надо думать что-то другое!)))
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Маша, о чём разговор, ты же вообще первая нарисовала))   А сюжет весьма расхожий, с рыцарем везущим свою даму на коне, а сам пешком, (это я уже оправдываюсь))
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I really love the sky and clouds you've drawn! They give such a  vast feel.
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Thank you very much!^^
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I know artists live for feedback! :)
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You're wrong.  Of course a kind words and appreciation are pleasant for artists, and not only for artists I mean.
But I would draw even if nobody never seen it (of course, maybe my drawings would look otherwise in that case).  I'm drawing because I could not help drawing.
Artists live for art.
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My bad. :)
I once wrote something like that in my diary long ago. 'I'm writing because I just need to write.'
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Wow.. that's incredibly beautiful. And very heart touching :)
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Thank you very much! :hug:
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This piece is marvelous ! Everything is breathtaking, the colors,
the sky, the horse, her smile ... I just love it :D 
I just went through most of the things you posted here and 
each time I see a new one I'm just like : "Wow" ! 
EKukanova's avatar
Thank you very much! :hug:
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beautiful! I love it :D
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Ah, this image features such a lightness. It is like an aura of freedom, of being worriless. The sky and mountains also match nicely with and reflect the colours of the clothes and armor. I can nearly feel the spring's wind blowing through the grass. Makes me wish I could be there.
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Thank you!)    the things that I needed a most that time),  and I was there when I drew this piece)   
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Theyre so innocent and youthful that my heart aches!
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Еще только прочитав название 'that morning', понял - какое утро.

"Что же Вы молчите? Продолжайте! "А теперь ты всего лишь одинокая мудрая женщина, и старость, что не коснется его, уже тронула инеем твои волосы"! Только не говорите мне "ты" - некогда он говорил мне это!"
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Really Goood, I love the clouds and the expressions most
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