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Ork -sketch

By EKukanova
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Ork,  sketch for the Silmarillion by Tolkien
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Aug 29, 2016, 4:27:48 PM
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Thank Illuvatar! An orc that is not warhammer/ completely monstruous! I think this is closer to the true Tolkien concept...
Well, in fact, thank YOU Elena!
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Thank you very much!  I'm follow the explanation there orks are distorted elves)
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Impressive - and unusual - in that you can SEE the elf in him.
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What Captain said. A good reminder that orcs were once elves.
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ох как классно!
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A scary Orc that looks intensely angry, intelligent, and undead. 
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Thank you! I tried to put exactly that impression)
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He looks like a more impressive Uruk sized ancestor to the Moria Orcs perhaps crossed with the Strangers from "Dark City".
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Очень интересный образ. Ощущается, что это не просто полуживотное, какими обычно изображают орков, а вполне себе представитель вполне себе самобытной расы и народа, пусть злого и жестокого.
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Спасибо!  да, стадо животных вряд ли смогло бы нанести такой урон к концу Первой эпохи, даже под грамотным руководством)
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Кстати, мне очень импонируют и образы Ваших квенди. Красивые, благородные, сильные и мудрые, с пламенем сильного духа в глазах. Их образы, их доспехи...всё это откликается.
Буду с нетерпением ждать Ваших новых работ.
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Very interesting look for YOT/1st age Orcs. 
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love the blood spatters all over the drawing, as if just the act of drawing him is enough to make you bleed...    ;-)
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He looks great and impressive!Heart Love 
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Nice! Love all the little wrinkles on his face
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brb doing this exact hairstyle. rat (?) skulls included
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This is stunning. Just like she might jump out of the paper in any second.
Even more impressive since it is "just" a sketch.
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Thank you very much!^^   sometimes "unfinished" works looks more imoressive then totally complete)
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wow spectacular !!!
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Intriguing orc, fitting the version of orcs origins from the Elves. Not a mindless  best.
But - why is it among drawings? Is the face also a drawing or painted?
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Thank you very much, Karolina! exactly, I tried to draw here a twisted elf)
This work is done with watercolours and white gouache, but I considering this one as a grisalle with a bit of red)
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I love this drawing. It keeps coming up in my suggested pictures to look at. I love it so much. Seriously, it's beautiful and has an almost organic feel to it. Gorgeous.
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