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Namo Mandos

Namo Mandos
Illustration for Silmarillion by Tolkien
watercolor and white gouache on paper,  45x33,5cm


The print is available. More information via email.

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Speaks to me. I stare at him and calm down. Really great picture. It´s rare to see someone portray elven beauty in a way that makes me stop and wonder :D

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Thank you very much!
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Good to see some people still call him Namo. ;)
I wonder if that gently outstretched hand is to be seen as gentle invitation or rather dangerous. I guess he's one of the few Valar most elves were a little shy of. :)
Serious and calm.  Good likeness of him!
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 - you speak right from my heart XD

I love this depiction of Námo.  It's so close to my own imagination - even if I see him in very much different colors. Though the main thing - his personality shines through this nicely and I love it.
I think you and I just love Tolkein's vision with all our hearts and don't actually try to insert anything contrary to his lore, which too many people do.  I mean its one thing to picture a character in certain colors or looks ect., but you always have to respect the roots of a story. 
Thank you. THIS is Mandos. Not the cruel, self-righteous judge that men (included fans of Tolkein) have thought him as, but the calm and soothing guardian of the dead. I might have known you would actually care to give him his proper portrayal. You're a true fan. 
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With him at my side nothing can harm me, even the dead! Beautiful painting!
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This is my favorite version of Namo Mandos I've seen. 
I like how he looks so gentle and calm :D
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Thank you very much!
Mandos is the place for the rest and healing, not the prison)
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I couldn't agree more! 
And you're welcome
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Very well researched illustration. Keep up the good work! (Made an account on deviant art especially to be able to say it to you haha)
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Awww, thank you very much!  thats a truly great pleasure to know that somebody regisetred only for commenting ^____^
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He looks solemn, no-nonsense, impassive and noble at the same time. o_o Great job!
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Possibly the most handsome and gentle-looking depiction of Námo I've ever seen! I really like it. The almost inviting gesture is also very nice.
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He looks so kind. It would definitely reduce the fear of death to know that he's what's waiting for you after you're gone, kind of like Neil Gaiman's Death of the Endless. :-)
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Oh. Ye. Gods. Wow. I've always loved Namo, and to finally see him portrayed not as some grim terror but as the gentle, sad guardian of the Halls... I think I can die happy now. *This*, finally, is my Namo Mandos. :)
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Thank you so much!!  exactly as you described him, I was need to draw this very notional part of Arda))
I'm speechless. This is perhaps my favorite painting from you, in fact I think I'm in love with your Námo. His face, hair, the gesture of his hand, the faint glow around him, all is beyond perfect. I think I will just stare... for a few hours.
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Thank you so much! :thanks: :shamrock:
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Hi, hello!!
this is absolutely beautiful and I'm so disappointed by humankind because I found it cropped and without any credits on this facebook group:…
There is a lot of Tolkien fanart without credit there, but the admin says that he can't bother to write the credits and insists it's just his personal choice and we shouldn't have voice on the matter. If you can report the page to facebook perhaps it would let them know it's not ok!
thank you! 
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No kidding. If they knew what goes into creating the art, they couldn't be so cavalier. You HAVE to give the artist the credit.
Какой интересный Мандос... вроде бы такой мягкий (Мандос - мягкий? Да, как ни странно!), такой сочувствующий, но не дай валар рассердить его - ох, мало не покажется! Такого напророчит, на три эпохи вперёд хватит! :-) Всё-таки Владыка Судеб - и это очень хорошо чувствуется. Браво, одним словом. Браво!
EKukanova's avatar
Спасибо огромное! :aww:
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