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A sketch for an illustration series for ''Children of Hurin''

I guess, I have to add, that drawing Melian, I've been trying to achieve a certain resemblance with images of Tara.
It might be a blasphemy for a Tolkien lover, but that's how I understand her character:)
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Чем-то напоминает Тильду Суинтон и Кейт Бланшетт. Очень красиво!
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beautiful, her face kinda reminds me of a young Meryl Streep
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Her eyes made me speechless. Nice work.
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Thank you very much! I tried to convey here her divine origin)  
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There Melian came, the Lady grey,

and dark and long her tresses lay,
beneath her silver girdle seat

and down unto her silver feet.
Lay of Leithian"

Melian is one of my favorite Maiar, and without question this is the best representation of her I have ever seen. The artistry of this is just incredible. The hair. The eyes. The shading and detail. Very beautiful and noble.
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Oddly enough, I find a resemblance too, but with actress Madeleine Stowe, especially in the colored ones.

Anyways, just wanted to tell you that your art is utterly amazing. The details, the mood, the whole perfectness of it... I've been staring at your gallery in utter admiration all night. :-) Now I want to re-read all my Tolkien books.
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Thank you very much for your kind words!

Thats very curious that resemblence with actress, because I draw it from my head).  Anyway, if I will draw another pictures with Melian, I will know from where I can take a face, because its very complicate to draw from head)))
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Hey, no need to thank, you deserve all kinds of praising. :D

I know, right? That actress' face immediately popped in my head when seing your Melian. I guess you're just that awesome and everything from your head beats references. :nod:
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She looks so wise, lovely, and serene - beautiful work. ^_^
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surprisingly great!
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The face, the hair... simply perfect.
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No doubt they added your sketch in LOTR Wiki, it's so amazing
Did you base it on a real person, or simply drew this out of your mind?
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Whoops, I guess I just saw your description xD
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This is absolutely wonderful! I ove her jewelry or whatever you call the things in her hair. Very Slavic, you don't see that very often in Tolkien art it seems.
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Her face has a very exotic kind of beauty. I love it. Very delicate and ellegant. Your style is like a woman's version of Da Vinci.
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I adore your Melian!
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beautilful sketch  Heart 
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This is really beautiful!
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Its wonderful, how she looks so wise, so tranquil, and ever benevolent. And her hairstyle and jewels are all awesome!
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